Now Ana  is just a red shirt sure but, one i kind of liked her,

2many things are borthering me about her death.  

  1. How did she lose her leg, like it was a clean cut. 
  2. why did she shot of the gun 
  3. no blood trail going from her lef to her body
  4. she says she's 'still pretty fast' on her leg that didn't heal right 
  5. could Sam have done it ?  Like his page says he's a bit of a joker so maybe he cut of her leg for a joke for Rick and Carol. ? idk 

there's lots of other stuff,and could this play in with the main storyline ? (unlikely) maybe the hunters did it, killed her, and kipnapped Sam. to make it look like he just ran off  

Ana dead (Indifference)
Ana-walking-dead-severed-leg-indifference zps3ac23757

Ana's leg :( </3