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Walking Dead ~ Characters that need to DIE !

Ten characters who I ,think just need die.


Lilly Too Far Gone 13


LIlly aka Lori 2.0 reason, she pretty much let her child died. By watching a walker walk a cross the water, she climbed down the RV when she could had just jumped of save Magen.

made The Governor risk his life for her dying dad 

got angry at The Governor for killing her walker Dad. and saving Tara. 

didn't know how to kill a zombie,  (how did they live so long ) 

Plus Tara is a lot better than her 


ATR Clem Rebecca

this bitch

Rebecca  she's a Total, Jerk to cute innocent Clem for no reason, and she' prego possibly by a 'rape' or maybe Carlos.  but  let's hope it's actually Avlin's. 


Michenno (comics) please don't hate me. 

Now i really hope this doesn't really happen anytime soon, but Michenno the samuria laywer, has been for a while, i feel like she's out lived her welcome sadly. lets hope she's dies a hero's death saving Ezikiel or Rick

Michonne 119 Crop



I do rather enjoy her,..... but her dying will be good for character growth for Tyresse 





the group shouldn't trust him, he betray them once. i feel like he's going to cost the a major death. i hope he dies before that happens 


Bob (tv series ) 

Bob Too Far Gone 3

This guy is just erie, i do believe he's the one feeding the walkers, and he's done it before with the other groups he's in. he also pulled a gun on Daryl, cause he was going to rid of he's booze. he's dangerous 



Sophia sadojphfas
this will get me a lot of hate, but Sohpia. will be good for carl's and maggie's growth. plus she really doesn't do anything for the  group unlike carl


Back ground characters in the comics. they  won't live anyways 





He's an evill man he killed Glenn and many other people 



This man is a totaly Coward, and  ungreatful. Rick saved his life, and he withheld info about Negan costing , Glenn his life 

he also never wanted to help out Rick and friendsm, fight the evil Negan and later warned him about the pending war this prick needs to die a slow painful death be walkers. i really hope he turns to and no one puts him down 

who do you think should die ? sorry for any grammar mistakes

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