I think A could go down many ways personally. 

  1. Gareth's group helps rick fight Joe :

Joes group attacks rick, Dan rapes carl, Rick kills daryl during the shoot out, Dan is stabbed by Michenno while trying to touch Carl in his No No parts. (rape/sexual assault)   and they  escapes to terminus where he fines Glenn, and friends. Mary and Gareth welcomes them and gives them food it turns out to be Sam,(with out them knowing )  While they are eating Joe's groups shows up and snipes Michenno hitting her in the leg, Gareth,Mary, and the red shirts of Terminus get their guns and help rick fight them. Mary Shoots Tony killing him, however Billy stabs her from behind killing her, Beth than comes out starts shoots Harley :( (such an awesome name btw) Joe than shot's Beth in the heart, and Tony shoots Bob  Joe escapes with Tony, however a heard of walkers comes in one bites Carl, the group runs up on the wearhouse roof and kills them all. Carl and michoone hugs, rick cries, and shoots carl. Gareth than betrays rick and  friends locks them up 

2.group teams up with rick when they find out Terminus is evil:

Joe's group attacks Rick and his group. Carl run's and hides in a carl, dan fights him and rapes him  Michenno cut's his wee-wee off and kills him. Daryl escapes Joe,s group and runs off in the unkown. Michenno and Rick join up. and head to terminus, Mary welcomes them tells them settle in and she gives them some nice grilled sam. they talk for a little bit, Carl runs of to bathroom. are sitting down eating sam when the group shows up they have a little agruement. Carl runs up worried and says he saw Bob half dead.  and the others are locked up Gareth than gives the single to fire. so his men shot and kill Billy, and also shot Tyreese in the arm. Mary is killed in the fight. carl runs of to free the others, one of the Terminus red shirts shoots and kills harley. than Beth drives up with Gabreil, they run over aa red shirt. Beth gets out and shoots another one in the leg. Glenn, Maggie and the rest come out and help fight. them Gareth decides to run but shoots maggie first, Joe tells rick he's going to go find gareth and leaves. 

it's unlikely i know forgive my shitty grammar, but in shot who i think will die are below.  

Dead/( undead)  

Dan 100% (killed by Michonne )

Billy 100% ( killed by Daryl or Carl  )

sam 100% ( Killed by terminus) 

Mary 99% (killed by rick's or joe's group)

Maggie 80-90%(killed by Gareth or Joe's group)

Possibly dead

Harley (80%) (Killed by Rick or Daryl or ♪ Beth  ♫ ) 

Tony (80%) ( Killed by Gareth or Glenn) 

Sasha (76%) ( killed by Tony) 

Beth ♫ (68%) :(  (killed b y terminus ) 

Judith (65 %) ( bitten by a walker ) 

Carl  (60%) ( bitten by a walker, or killed by joe's group) 

Daryl ( 55 %) ( killed by Joe, for helping rick, or shot by Rick on accindent) (however he's unknown ) 

Glenn (54%) ( killed during shoot out) 

Bob (50%) ( tainted meat ) 


Joe  let's hope he doesn't die 


everyone else 

Long live beth and Joe ♫ :D 

Dan touchs  carl he dies :) i hope michonnes cuts of his you know what >:( and he becomes a walker