Here's a list of characters who bit the dust way toooo soon 

10: Carley

We all love Carley. the semi hot, badass reporter,  who is an amazing shot.  

she knew about Lee's pass and still feel in love with him, and  by getting shot by lilly while sassing off to her 
AND Carley Smile

our lovely Carley <3

she only made about 3 months in if you safed her in episode one. she would had and should made it a lot longer.

9: Tim (aka evil Glen )

I found Tim to be a pretty cool, guy i would love to see him Killed by Glenn but sadly it wasn;t meant to be. also his actor is pretty cool. 

8: Alisha 

Now personally i rather enjoyed her being alive. she was pretty, and she made Tara Happy which made me happy. she got killed by Lizzie, while she saved Tyreese :( r.i.p 
Alisha killed

7: Amy ( comic and Tv )

Now who can forget Amy ? the pretty blond sister of Amy  die way to soon and should had more character growth.  dying while asking for tolite paper though was a noble way to die. i hope they have enough for her in Heaven   


6: Chris ( and the rest of the hunters) 

they were around for 3 ISSUES !  and they really didn't even kill anyone they should had been around a wee bit longer 

The Hunters

5: Karina 

Karina 13

it was her own fault, she was depressed that her friend died and killer herself i think they should let her live. and her paul meet up with Chase and Kelly

4: Shiva 

118 Shiva Attacks
Now i love tigers. she died saving her master, but i which they had Negan kill her something :( die by zombies is lame. they needed to keep her around little longer 

3:Patricia (TV series )

Patricias empathy
I know a lot of people didn't like her. but i think she just needed more time,for her character to grow, and maybe killed her off. in season 4 when the governor attacked again. have her get run over by Mitch's tank would have. been fabulous 


 do i really have to explain ? he had no character growth at all ! 

1: Milton

Milton Walker Capture 2

Milton Attempts to Capture a Walker

Milton had a ton of potential but was killed off sincely.  why couldn't Roger ( some old woodbury resident )  take his palce ? :( 

honorable mentions go to                         

  • Karen
  • Ana
  • Pete
  • Omid
  • Alice
  • billy greene
  • Haley
  • Tomass
  • Lee (edited )

Now who do you think died to soon ?