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    In the newest Issue His friend said she's in Ohio, this brings up the possibly of her being in wellington maybe ? do you think this will tie in with the season 3 of the video game ?  We know Clem and her new sexy friend. ( cluke 2.0 - Lexi Porter)  Maybe seen asn Eugene said they're under attack his friend sent Clem and Javair to spy on them or try to offer help. I'm not sure. 

    there is a possiblity that She's lying as i don't think Radio singles go that far.Kenny said it was near Michigan, but i think wellington is actually In Ohio so maybe near Toldo area which is pretty much on the boarder this will make sense seeing as we may ge comic characters in the season 3 of the video game but it could be Kirkman being a troll again it could be ju…

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  • Narutorulez

    so what versions of the characters you thinka are better ?and comic/Novel or Tv

    I think i forgot a few people D: but they must not be important enough anyways

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  • Narutorulez

    I think A could go down many ways personally. 

    1. Gareth's group helps rick fight Joe :

    Joes group attacks rick, Dan rapes carl, Rick kills daryl during the shoot out, Dan is stabbed by Michenno while trying to touch Carl in his No No parts. (rape/sexual assault)   and they  escapes to terminus where he fines Glenn, and friends. Mary and Gareth welcomes them and gives them food it turns out to be Sam,(with out them knowing )  While they are eating Joe's groups shows up and snipes Michenno hitting her in the leg, Gareth,Mary, and the red shirts of Terminus get their guns and help rick fight them. Mary Shoots Tony killing him, however Billy stabs her from behind killing her, Beth than comes out starts shoots Harley :( (such an awesome name btw) J…

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  • Narutorulez

    Terminus could be around macon area ! 

    1.lets look at some maps it's around macon area but likely not withen Macon, so maybe Macon will be Alexadria ?

    2.also they focused alot ! on macon both Michonne and the Governor pointed to them on the map 

    You can see this, particularly, when you look at the little inward point (almost like a nose on a face in profile) directly south of Columbus.

    also heres a better map of GA, railroads,  


    and old map of GA, 


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  • Narutorulez

    Could it really be a trap, and thats where the hunters are. they lore, people in. with promise of survival ? it's possible.  they just bring poeple in, take their stuff, and eat them. 

    sorry for the short blog.. i really don't have much to add. sorry

    (if this already a blog btw delete it )

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