The conclusion of Voulme 20 All out War is soon upon us but what will Kirkman do then? 

Kirkman can only use the same formula so many times, which is = 

Find a safe zone/hideout - Fortify - Encounter a hostile human group - Duke it out - Get ran off - Repeat step 1. 

If they are in Washington D.C then after this war with Negan, maybe they should go and try to find the U.S Government/Military. The Pentagon, Marine Corps HQ, Naval Yard, Army Research Lab, and Raven Rock(There would be a very strong possibility that survivors would be there) are all in the D.C area. 

Maybe find a survivor who got bit but didnt die or turn. Or maybe find a dead body who has been dead for a few days/weeks and didnt turn! 

Or are viewers/readers really that content with the same group driving around finding places to stay, getting into wars with mad surivors and then having to find somewhere new hold up every few voulmes because if it is, TWD is definately going to run out of steam!