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    The rules: Every 24 hours you get one vote. Copy and paste, then add a point to your favorite character and take one from your least favorite (dead or alive, main or minor). Everyone starts with 7, when they reach 0 they're out, and the last chararcter remaining wins! I'll start, and because I like Glen but don't like Lori, I'll vote accordingly.

    Rick (7)

    Shane (7)

    Lori (6)-1

    Carl (7)

    Glenn (8)+1

    Daryl (7)

    Andrea (7)

    Carol (7)

    Maggie (7)

    Hershel (7)

    Beth (7)

    T-Dog (7)

    Dale (7)

    The Governor (7)

    Michonne (7)

    Merle (7)

    Sophia (7)

    Otis (7)

    Milton (7)

    Amy (7)

    Jim (7)

    Ed (7)

    Oscar (7)

    Axel (7)

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