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30 Days Without an Accident:

I thought that this episode was a good way to start of the season. It got us all back into the "groove" of things and got us reaquainted with the characters we have all come to love, and some new faces. It showed us how lofe was at the prison and how they are adjusting to the new community.


I thought that he was great this episode. He really has changed since the events of Season 3 and I think it was for the better. He is now part of the council and basically is the leader of everyone at the prison. I think that they all feel pretty safe at their new and improved home as this can be shown when Rick says he doesn't take his gun with him outside of the wall. As for when he helped Clara, I think that he has made new improvments with himself by allowing other strangers into his home. Even if this stranger was a creepy woman who lookes like a walker and keeps her husbands severed head in a bag.


I didn't trust this woman the minute I heard her scary, raggedy voice ask for help. I mean, for Christ's sake, she was kneeling down to eat a half dead boar! I believe that she symboloses that not every human is as well put together as Rick and co. She is willing to waste her own food just to feed her undead husband. This lady has creepy written all over her undead look alike body.


I thought that this kid was actuall pretty funny. I knew that he would be a red shirt and would bite the dust very early, but I didn't expect it to be first 30 minutes of the first episode early. He showed that you can still find some humor in an apocolyptic world. I feel that his death affected Daryl more than anybody else, including Beth, who was in a relationship with him.


I just found Phineas incredibly annoying and a very steriotypical nerd (yes I call hime Phineas, deal with it). Some people, me included, believed he would be the one who was commiting all the murders that are to come in later episodes. I am sure that he will still cause some deaths, but in a zombie bitey kind of way instead of a bullet to the head way. His death has got me thinking that this kind of "sickness" has got to be something in the crops or water supply. I feel that whatever Phineas ate or drank, Violet the Pig had some also.


I feel that Carl has grown up and accepted this world more than anyone. When Carl told those kids not to name the walkers, I knew he was saying what his dad said to him about Violet. He wants to show the other kids that he is very mature and responsible for his age and that he, in my oppinion, is trying to impress the others by what he has seen. As for what Carl saw Carol doing with the children, i'm not sure what he will do with this information. I feel that they have some sort of a bond and he won't tell his dad, but i've been wrong before.

In conclusion, I thought that this episode was a good way to start of the season and showed us how everyone has coped with living at the Prison. I think I would rate this episode 8.5 out of 10.

Feel free to tell me what you all thought about the new episode, and please, no bullying. Thanks for reading!