I know this blog has been made before, but it's a great topic to discuss, the 'What if's' of the Walking Dead. How would the storyline have gone different? Basically name a possible scenario and explain how you think the storyline would have gone from there.

What if Rick and co. had defeated the Governor and Woodbury?

A lot of characters would probably still be alive. I think they would still be forced to abandon the Prison anyways as the sounds attracted a whole bunch of Roamers.

What if Dwight had shot Eugene in the head instead of Abraham?

I think Rick and the group would have been able to fight off the Saviors and would have never been forced to give in. Rick even stated Abraham's huge importance to the group as muscle to fight off threats.

What if Randall had actually escaped the barn?

We never knew if Randall was really good or bad, but I think he probably would have gone to find his gang and at least get revenge on Daryl and Shane.

Anyways, anybody have any what if scenarios and what do you think would happen.