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NAGILLUM January 18, 2013 User blog:NAGILLUM

Hey everyone, I was just wondering what everyone thought about the Walking Dead specials Kirkman and Adlard have released. The two specials as you guys know are the Michonne one and The Governor & Scott Moon one. Does anyone else think that Kirkman should do more of these? If he does, what characters would you like to see have their own special? Personally I would like to see...

  • Glenn - Getting out of Atlanta and meeting up with the camp.
  • Andrea & Amy - Meeting Dale, then Atlanta camp etc.
  • Axel & The prisoners - The chaos when the prison got sealed and they were locked in the cafeteria.
  • Abraham - How he lost his family or when he met up with Rosita and Eugene
  • Monroe Family - The building of Alexandria/Forcing Davidson out of Alexandria.
  • Paul Monroe - Arriving at the Hilltop/More explanation on his amazing fighting skills.
  • Dwight - Recieving his trademark burn/Relationship with Sherry
  • Negan - How he became twisted/Building the Saviors up. (I guess a novel would be cool as well since we already have two for the Governor)

What are your opinions? 

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