(Some spoilers for people who haven't read 102)

We know now that Dwight was released by the ASZ citizens and Rick and Jesus have come up with some plan to follow Dwight and get information on the Saviors. This might work out since I don't think Jesus will get caught and he will definitely live for a long time. Also many of the characters are pissed at Rick (Andrea, Holly, Carl) for letting Dwight go. But they don't know about his plan, which I think is interesting because they will be totally shocked when they find out what he and Jesus have come up with. Also does anyone else think that Michonne has a crush on Rick? The things she said when they were talking over a cup of coffee.

Anyways for 103, judging by the cover, Negan and the Saviors probably show up for their first offering. I think it might skip ahead a few days first to Jesus returning with information about the Saviors, then the Saviors arriving.

What does everyone else think? Share your thoughts on the current issue and your predictions about the next.