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Thoughts on 107

NAGILLUM February 13, 2013 User blog:NAGILLUM

Spoilers for those who haven't read Issue 107.



I thought it was a pretty good issue. I'm glad Carl's okay, but what I was kind of expecting something to happen to Carl since Negan said in the last issue "I can't fucking wait until you see what I've done to your little boy", so it was a bit of a disappointment there but still at least Carl's okay and he will stick around for longer. The end was the best with Jesus smiling and saying "I think it's time I introduce you to Ezekiel". Can't wait to find out who Ezekiel is and what he is all about. Probably the leader of another community. Also when Negan told Rick that he didn't like to do bad deeds but Lucille did and joked that thankfully she wasn't in charge, I laughed.

Anyways, on another note...I got into letter hacks. Didn't think I would. I asked about Jeff Grimes and apparentally we will never see him in the book which sucks, it would be cool to see Rick randomly meet his brother.

What are your guys thoughts on 107?

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