I made this blog to ask what people think will happen in future seasons. Given all the material the writes have to use from the comic book, we already kind of know where the show is going with still have to see the Prison Assault, Hunters, Alexandria, Hilltop and the Saviors. I want to know what everyone thinks will happen in what season.

For example, I've heard people say the Prison arc could end this season or halfway through Season 4 because it seems unlikely they could stretch it out for the entire 4th Season.

I think the Prison arc will stretch to half way through Season 4 with the mid season finale being the Prison Assault. The second half will follow Rick and Carl for a while and they will meet up with everyone else by the end of the Season whether it be at Hershel's farm or not.

Season 5 will start off with the introduction of Abraham, Rosita and Eugene and the whole "I'm a scientist" storyline. Since Morgan is returning in Season 3, the storyline will be cut out obviously for this season, same with Ben and Billy murder plotline. Due to the popularity of the show, I think this Season might gain more episodes. First few episodes will follow the group as they head out, then the next 5-6 episodes will deal with the Hunters. Then everyone will find out Eugene is a liar. I think the Season finale of Season 5 will end with Aaron's introduction. First few episodes of the second half will show them getting to Alexandria, basically everything in Volume  12.

Season 6 will deal with events from Volume 13 - 15. Rick attacking Pete, or somebody since the show doesn't exactly follow the comics from page to page. By the time the Season finale comes around, the zombie horde will tear through Alexandria and kill lots of people. Second half will be the aftermath, Nicholas attempted takeover and any other events the TV writers come up with.

Season 7 will start with introducing Paul Monroe and the Hilltop Colony, which may last for 4-5 episodes. Then we get introduced to the Saviors and Negan. Several events and fights will lead up to the mid season finale. I think it would be cool if the mid season finale of Season 7 was the 100th episodes and Negan's introduction and someone whether TV Glenn is alive or not by this point will fall victim to Lucille. Second half will deal with Dwight the prisoner and Volume 18 events till Season 7 is over.

and there could be more Seasons for all we know detailing whatever events happen after Volume 18.

Those are my predictions of how the Seasons will run their course with the material from the comics.

What are everyone else's predictions?