Barely any blogposts have been made about this guy, so I thought it would be interesting to talk about him and he is an interesting villain. According to Kirkman, Negan will be around for a while and is the next big villain. We barely know anything about him other then that he kills out of a sadistic belief that him and the Saviors are the stronger ones and he steals supplies from other communities, and he also has a weapon whom he's named. Does anybody think that "Lucille" is a name that was significant to Negan in his former life before the apocalypse, maybe it was someone he knew or cared about. Also Negan definitely has a troubled past for sure considering the way he acts and thinks. He looks like he could have been part of a gang or mob before the apocalypse. I also been thinking that Negan must have done something to gain the complete respect of each member of the Saviors, because they are completely obedient to him and treat him like he's a higher power. People have doubted Rick's leadership before, but Negan just seems to have complete obedience over the Saviors. Also I wonder why the calls his group "The Saviors", there must be more to the name as well for his group.

I can't wait to find out more about him in future issues and maybe volumes. Although I do hope he dies at the hands of his own weapon after what he did to Glenn.

What does everyone think of Negan and the Saviors?