Spoilers if you haven't read the most recent issue.

Wow what a great issue. It certainly set the tone for the rest of the volume and it was definitely a great tension starter for events to come. Glad to see Maggie again obviously, she still has so much potential. We also finally met Sutton! Earl Sutton the blacksmith of the Hilltop. One thing that shocked me though is that Kal has possibly betrayed Jesus, Rick and everyone else. His reactions to Jesus plan we're a bit of a giveaway and the fact that he went on a perimeter check and would be back before "nightfall". Definitely suspicious. It was a bit disappoiting the revelation that Kal may be an inside man. While the idea of an inside man is cool and all and I've suspected it for a long time, I liked Kal and would never suspected that he would be the person. Anyways, I also wouldn't be surprised if Kirkman trolled us like he always does and Kal isn't a bad guy at all and maybe he told Eduardo something and Eduardo is really the inside man, who knows. Only time will tell I guess. But the covers of 111 and 112 indicate Negan finds out about the organized assault and punishes someone for it? Anyways I'm excited for the next couple of issues and I wish they would release a new issue every two weeks. But that would never happen.

Anyways, what are everyone elses thoughts?