I'm surprised no one has made a blog about this yet. But next month we got introduced to Ezekiel, and he has a freaking tiger! So who is Ezekiel? Leader of another community? An ex-Savior? So many possibilites. Personally I hope he is both an ex-savior and leader of a community. That would give us more insight into the Saviors and maybe Ezekiel is pretending to lead another community under Negan and is secretly working against him, but at the same time I hope it's not true because then I would know what to expect and I hope Kirkman really surprises us. It would also be cool if he was just his own roaming bad ass with a tiger. Maybe his tiger eats people who mess with him. Due to the cover of Issue 110 we know that his golden cane thing is hiding a sword and he either pisses of Michonne or is training her. Jesus also seems to know him personally, so being the leader of a community makes sense.

So who do you guys think Ezekiel is? What are your predictions for this mysterious character?