I want to know everyones opinion of the biggest badass character of the series. We all know that Robert Kirkman has put our favourite characters through a hell of a lot through out the series, and a lot of them have done a lot of things to survive. A lot of character's have had their badass moments, like Tyreese and the whole "gym" scene where he took on all those zombies himself. That was badass. For me their are several characters who are badasses in the series, Abraham, Tyreese, Michonne, Andrea etc.. I don't think Daryl is a badass though, to all the Daryl fans out there, sorry but Daryl doesn't cut it. If you think you can prove me wrong, comment below.

To me though, the biggest badass of the series is our one handed main protagonist, Rick Grimes. Rick has been through more then any other character in the series and has developed more over time and he's survived longer then anyone in the series. I know people can say "Oh well Rick is the main character...". Yes I know that, but Rick can die any time as Kirkman himself stated and I don't think he is just trolling, after a while, Rick's story will get unrealistic. But I don't think he will die until Issue 200-225, somewhere in between then, and I did I mention he has one hand?! Despite his disability he has been shown to be able to hold his own in any situation and in Issue 84 when he took on the whole zombie horde on his own until Michonne and the others came along, that was the most badass moment of the series to me, and that's why Rick is the biggest badass in the entire series.

Who do you guys think is the biggest badass in the series? Choose and state your reasons why below.