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Woodbury Survivor's Fate (My theory)

So at the end of the Finale, a bus full of Woodbury survivors was transported to the prison. Some Woodbury survivors were missing from the bus. They were Eileen, Noah, Stevens, and Rowan. Here's what I think happened to them:

Noah- I think he was most likely killed by The Governor along with the other soldiers, since he was in the army.

Eileen- I think she was on that bus, she couldn't be killed by the governor, since I'm sure he wouldn't have a woman who just gave birth in his army. I think she is most likely alive.

Stevens- Now, I don't know about this one, maybe she was on the bus....? She probably wasn't killed by TG. She's a doctor, not a soldier.

Rowan- 50/50 chance she's dead.

So, what do you guys think? 

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