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  • Mrselfdestruct96

    I decided to re-read Vol 5: The Best Defense and I noticed something. The roamer that attacks Rick after they see the helicopter kind of looks like Andrew, the prisoner who ran from the prison. Any thoughts on this?

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  • Mrselfdestruct96

    I rewatched the season 3 premiere "Seed" and noticed a little conversation between Beth and Carl. It happened while they were moving into Cell Block C.

    Beth: Pretty gross (referring to the cell)

    Carl: Yeah, remember the storage units?

    Beth : It's actually comfortable. Check it out

    What was Carl talking about? The only storage units shown in The Walking Dead were in the webisodes.

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  • Mrselfdestruct96

    So, you guys have seen the cover for the next issue right? It had the tagline: "Ezekiel vs. Michonne?". Do these two know each other? Have they met before? Michonne and Ezekiel weren't introduced to each other in issue 109, so why would they get into a fight this quickly? my theory: theyre related and estranged. your theories?

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