welcome to another one of my rediculously (hope i spelled that right) blogs about where I think the show should go from where it currently is. 

this is all very far fetched so dont take anything you read here as truth.  

But i think that the prison vs woodbury story should conclude this season, with everyone scattered throughout the woods like in the comic series.  The Governor should die by the hands of Andrea, and we should lose Carol and the Baby.

Beth is an iffy to me, she could become useful once Carl hits manhood.  If you know what I mean

In last weeks episode, Im pretty sure Maggie became pregnant.  

But as far as season 4, I think that it should be a little slower than season 3.  Maybe have the first half of the episodes going with the groups return to the farm, and then to Fr. Gabes Church and the midseason being the Alexandria Safe Zone. Whereas the Finale being the introduction of Negan, who should definitely be played by Kevin Durand.  If you dont know who he is, he played the Archangel Gabrial in Legion. Oh yeah along the way to Alexandria possibly in the midseason they should have Hershel die the same way Dale did in the comic series.  With the cannibals eating his infected leg.

Season 5 if there is one, should explore the brutality of Negan some more.  If they carry out Glenn's death they should save that for the midseason.  Or possibly the season 4 finale is a possibility?

As I am writing I'm hoping you all can add on to this and make my ideas seem better haha.

But anyway, still in the realm of speculation I think that Season 6 will be where the comic series is currently at, the introduction of Ezekial and The Kingdom would be nice.

What do you all think?