It's Time for me to go on another long description on how I see the next bit of the show carrying out.

To begin, I would like to say that last Sunday's Episode was a good way to show where everybody is at and how everyone feels leading in to the war that will be happening soon.

Okay so here are my predictions.

S3E10 - Home

In this episode I do believe that Rick will finally meet up with Morgan.  In the trailer(s) they showed prior to the Midseason Premiere, they showed Rick, Michonne, and Carl in what I like to think will be King County, Georgia. So the episode will be primarily about reuniting Morgan and Rick

S3E11 - I Aint A Judas

I think this will be the episode where either one of two things will go down.

1.) This is when some of Rick's group leaves to go back to the farm

2.) This is when Rick finally accepts Tyreese into the group and that they need to start fortifying for the attack

S3E12 - Clear

I think the title of this episode means that Merle clearly sees that he needs to help Rick and the group and sets off with Daryl to return to the prison.  Also, Andrea comes to the Prison to stay there.  

S3E13 - Arrow On The Doorpost

This will be the episode in which Daryl returns to the prison.  I dont really have much speculation on this episode other than that.

S3E14 - Prey

This episode will probably feature some deaths in it.  Since it was originally entitled "Killer Within Part II" I would have to say this will be the death of Ben and Allen, maybe even Beth if were lucky.

S3E15 - This Sorrowful Life

Again, I think there will be some climatic deaths in this episode.  I would say Axel, Sasha, and Judith

S3E16 - Welcome To The Tombs

Just based on speculation of course, just like everything else in this blog, I kinda hope that this will be the end for Merle in this episode.  They previously announced that a character was going to commit suicide and I believe that to be Carol.  But if Carol and Merle both die, then Daryl will become a even more hardened badass than he already is.  It would be good to see his character finally snap and have his own redneck rampage on walkers. Oh and if for instance they decided to kill the Governor this season, I would assume Andrea would have done it by the end of this season, along with Martinez and Hopefully Milton.

I know I crammed a lot of deaths into the last little bit of this but its just how I see it going down. But I'm sure you all have better opinons on what will go down, and I would love to hear

and sorry for the long blog again.