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    welcome to another one of my rediculously (hope i spelled that right) blogs about where I think the show should go from where it currently is. 

    this is all very far fetched so dont take anything you read here as truth.  

    But i think that the prison vs woodbury story should conclude this season, with everyone scattered throughout the woods like in the comic series.  The Governor should die by the hands of Andrea, and we should lose Carol and the Baby.

    Beth is an iffy to me, she could become useful once Carl hits manhood.  If you know what I mean

    In last weeks episode, Im pretty sure Maggie became pregnant.  

    But as far as season 4, I think that it should be a little slower than season 3.  Maybe have the first half of the episodes going with the …

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    A recent interview with the creators of the walking dead showed that the end of this season will feature a few things.

    1.) The death of two main characters, one of which being in the finale.

    2.) That this would wrap up the story for Woodbury, meaning the Governor will be dead I guess.

    3.) When the screen goes to black at the end, fans will be left speechless with mouths wide open.

    What do you all think it means?

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    So I know this is not anything new to some of you., and that there is probably a thousand other blogs about this, but do you think that Daryl and Carol are finally going to kiss?  I mean, not asking for like them to just go have sex but at least one kiss before Carol dies lol

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    Comic to TV Actors

    February 21, 2013 by Mosh Zombies Mosh

    After looks around on the Wiki, I have been looking around for actors who would likely be considered to play comic book characters.  The best example I have is for Negan.  Whereas I can not think of an actor to play him, I was hoping that someone on here would be able to think of something.  Feel free to post other comic characters and who you would want to play them as well.

    For instance I really wish Danny Trejo would have played the Governor but I really like David Morrissey as the Governor too.

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    It's Time for me to go on another long description on how I see the next bit of the show carrying out.

    To begin, I would like to say that last Sunday's Episode was a good way to show where everybody is at and how everyone feels leading in to the war that will be happening soon.

    Okay so here are my predictions.

    S3E10 - Home

    In this episode I do believe that Rick will finally meet up with Morgan.  In the trailer(s) they showed prior to the Midseason Premiere, they showed Rick, Michonne, and Carl in what I like to think will be King County, Georgia. So the episode will be primarily about reuniting Morgan and Rick

    S3E11 - I Aint A Judas

    I think this will be the episode where either one of two things will go down.

    1.) This is when some of Rick's group…

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