{Next Morning Peter goes out of his tent to see Jacqui doing some ironing,

Peter: Good morning *he says with a smile*

Jacqui: Morning Peter, sleep... *she looks over at the Peletiers tent as Sophia come out*

{Peter goes over to Sophia}

Peter: hey Sophia, how are you this morning?

Sophia: good *Carol comes out*, how are you?

Peter: Morning Carol *he says with a smile*, I’m good Sophia, hey Carol, do you want me to look after Sophia for a while?

Carol: *nodding* Yes that would be great, thanks Peter

Peter: its fine, I’ll just take them down to the river, for a walk, *Peter goes over to Carl* come on Carl, *Carl and Sophia follow Peter*, hey Shane, I’m just taking the kids down to the river

Shane: okay, you got your gun?

Peter: Yes daddy *as Shane laughs, Peter sees Morales*, hey Morales, I’m taking Carl and Sophia down to the river, do you want me to take Louis and Eliza

Morales: Yes please, *he calls the kids over* kids you go down to the river with the others, now you two behave yourselves, Peter *Peter looks back* thanks

Peter: No problem

{Peter, Carl, Sophia, Eliza and Louis all walk down to the river}

Peter: now you all be careful, I don’t want to be carrying anyone back up to the camp if you fall, they go over to the river and play around, *Peter sits on one of the rocks, he notices Sophia has a bruise on her arm *, DALE!!

{Dale, Shane and Morales come running down}

Shane: what’s the matter?

Peter: look at Sophia’s arm *they all look at it and see the bruise on it* what do we do?

Dale: Shane, and I will go and have a word with Ed later on, you just stay here for a while, *they see Ed coming down*

Ed: Sophia, come on let’s go

Peter: Ed she’s fine with me

Ed: Listen Kid, I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but my daughter isn’t your problem, she’ mine

Peter: It’s my problem when you’ve been hurting her *Ed walks closer to Peter, but Peter doesn’t move*

Ed: *spits in his face* Sophia, don’t let me call you again, *Sophia goes back up to camp with Ed*

{Peter wipes off the spit from his face}

Shane: god I hate that man, *looks to Peter* you ‘all right?

Peter: Me, oh yeah I’ll be fine, its Carol and Sophia that I’m concerned about. *he looks over to the kids* hey guys come on, let’s go back up. *so they all head back up to camp*

{At camp Lori and Carol are talking, Lori nods her head at Shane, signalling to him that she does have bruising}

Shane: Hey Peter

Peter: *walks over to Shane* yeah, what do you want?

Shane: Can you go out and get us some wood?

Peter: *grabbing his gun* yeah sure

Amy: *goes over to Peter as he is about to leave* hey, can I come

Peter: yeah sure *they share a smile*

{Shane and dale look at each other and laugh}

Peter: So how old are you?

Amy: 24, and you?

Peter: 25

Amy: cool, do you have a girlfriend?

Peter: nope, why you ask? *he winks at her*

Amy: I’m very lonely in this world *she holds her hand out to Peter and they then hold hands, peter then goes to kiss her*

Peter: oh I’m sorry, is this too fast?

Amy, No *she goes to kiss him again, but is stopped by a noise*

Peter: What was that?

Amy: I don’t know, is it a walker?

Peter: it came from over there *they go over to the noise to see a walker*

Amy: *shocked* what do we do?

Peter: *whistles, Walker see them* Amy get behind me

{the walker advances on them, peter gets a good grip of his axe, and when the walker gets nearer to them, he swings the axe and hits the walker in the head, he continues to slash out the walkers brains, getting some blood on him}

Peter: *stands up* come on, let’s get back to the other

Amy *nodding her head* okay

{the pair walk off holding hands, when they get back to camp Dale and Andrea see Amy and Peter holding hands, they smile}

Shane: *noticing Blood on Peter* you ‘all right

Peter: *Andrea comes over to see if Amy is all right* we just ran into a walker, killed it though, we weren’t hurt

Shane: Good, here help me with chopping some wood *Amy kisses Peter and walks off with Andrea into the RV, Shane and Dale smile at him* so?

Peter: What?

Dale: I may be old, but I can still notice that a man doesn’t just walk into the forest with a girl and come back holding hands and kissing *the two look at Peter*

Shane: How do you youngsters do it *Dale smirks*

{Suddenly the radio is heard}

Peter: *goes over to the radio* hello? *radio goes static*, hey Shane someone’s trying to get through

Shane: *goes over to the radio, takes it off Peter* Hello, hello, this is Officer Shane Walsh over. *radio goes static*

Man on radio: heading...into the city.......over

{The radio goes silent}

Amy: Well we know that there are others

Lori: That man will be heading into Atlanta not knowing what’s hit him, we need to go and put signs up to let people know that it’s not safe

Shane: absolutely not, anybody’s going anywhere

Glenn: I can go into the city and get supplies while we’re there

Peter: Lori you can’t go

{Andrea, Morales, Merle, T-Dog, Jacqui and Glenn say that they will go now, so they all leave to go to Atlanta}

{For the rest of the day, the survivors clean the camp, and enjoy being around the other people, nearly forgetting the world that they are in, Three days pass and around 4pm they hear a car alarm}

Shane: Talk to me dale?

Dale: Can’t tell, stolen car is my guess

Miranda: Is it them?

Dale: Don’t know yet *see a red sports car then a cube van*

Shane: *Glenn get out of the car* Shut that dam thing off

Jim: I’m on it *Jim turns it off*

Shane: Do you want to attract walker here?

Glenn: Sorry, never thought about that

Amy: Andrea, the others, are they okay, where are they?

Glenn: chill, there coming now

{They all see a van coming along, Jacqui comes our}

Jacqui: *runs to Jim and they hug* see, told you I’d be back

Dale: How the hell did you get out of there?

Peter: Yeah we thought you’d be dead by now

Morales: It was thanks to the new guy

Peter: New guy?

Morales: Yeah says he a police man, like you Shane

Carl: DAD, DAD!!!

{everyone looks to see a Lori and Carl run to the man, who’s called Rick, they all smile as they see their family has been reunited}

Later that night in the camp,

Peter: we thought you were dead

Shane: I even checked your heart beat, there was nothin man I didntknow what to do

Rick: man it's okay, I'm hear now that's all that matters

Carl: Mom said that you were dead

Rick: well your mom had every right to think that

Lori: things were getting bad, they said that they were going to be evacuating the patients, but they never did

Shane: man it was bad, they were shooting patients in the hallways, you were all wired up I couldn't get you outta there alive

Dale: well our problem is now Daryl

Peter: Is that Merles brother?

Peter: yeah, he'll be back tommorrow from is hunt

Amy: what do we tell him?

Andrea: we tell him the truth

T-Dog: I'll tell him, it's my fault that he's up there, I dropped the keys, I ain't ashamed of what I've done *Ed then puts another piece of wood in his fire, Shane goes over to them*

Shane: hey Ed, you Mind taking the wood out, you know the rules, we keep the flames to a minimum

Ed: it's cold man

Shane: don't matter *there is a pause* I ain't gonna ask again man

Ed: *looks at Carol*go on *carol stands up and takes the wood out*

Shane: thanks for your corporation, well you 'all have yourself a good night.

{next Morning Peter wakes up, he puts his handgun in his pouch and walks over to the RV

Peter: hey Lori, Rick not up yet?

Lori: No not yet, I thought it would be better for him to lie in

Shane: Yeah always did like to miss some work *Peter and Shane laugh*

Amy: *coming out of the RV and goes over to Peter and kisses him* Good morning *she smiles*
Peter: Good morning gorgeous

Andrea: Excuse me while I vomit *Dale, Shane and Lori all laugh*

Amy: Oh shut up *Andrea goes over to Amy and hugs her*

{Carl, Sophia screams, Rick, Lori, Shane, Jim, Dale and Peter all go to the noise}

Jacqui: It was just there, a walker

{the men all go over to see a walker eating a deer, the walker then notices them, they all start to attack it, Peter then gets his axe and decapitates it, the blood spurs everywhere, then rustling is heard}

Daryl: *arriving to the men* Oh hell no, was tracking that deer for three days, god dam bastard

Dale: Come on son, no need for the bad language

Daryl: Well why....*walker’s head starts to move*

Amy: oh god

Daryl: Come on people, you ‘all no it’s got to be the brain, *Daryl gets his cross bow out and shoots the walker with an arrow in the brain* don’t you learn anything? *he takes the arrow out*

Back in the camp

Daryl: hey merle, get your white ass out here, Not to be racist or nothing *as he looks at Jacqui and T-Dog* got us some squirrel,, Merle!

Shane: Hey Daryl, can I talk to you for a second?

Daryl: yeah

Shane: Merles not here, there was an instant that happened in Atlanta

Daryl: Do you mean he’s dead?

Rick: We don’t know

Daryl: Who the hell are you?

Rick: Rick, Rick Grimes

Daryl: well Mr. Grimes where’s my brother?

T-Dog: He’s on the roof of a department store, Rick handcuffed him there and he gave me the key, but I dropped the key,

Daryl: well why didn’t you pick it up. Eh

T-Dog: I dropped the key down the drain, the good news is that I locked the door, so that the Walkers couldn’t get in, meaning that he’s still alive

Daryl: tell me where this store is, and I’ll go and get him.

Lori: Rick will show you, he’ll take you back there

T-Dog: I’ll go as well

Glenn: I guess you want me to go as well?

Shane: No, no way, nobody is leaving this camp, for Merle bloody Dixon, we need all of the man power we can get

Rick: sounds like you could use some guns?

Glenn: of course the two bags filled with guns that you dropped.

Shane: guns?

Rick: cleaned the Armoury out before I left

Peter: I suppose we could use some more guns, we’ve only got Shanes pistol and shotgun, my two handguns and shotgun and Dales rifle.

Shane: I’m not happy with this man, not happy at all, but I suppose we could use more guns. *Shane reluctantly agrees with this plan*

{Rick, Glenn, T-Dog and Daryl all get into the van, the others wave them off}

Peter: hey Carol,

Carol: yeah?

Peter: do you mind if I take the Cherokee down to the river bed so that we can take the laundry up?

Carol: You can do that I don’t mind, *Peter gets the keys off Carol*

{Peter gets into the Cherokee, goes over to the RV and Jacqui, Andrea, Amy and Carol get into the car and Peter drives them down to the river, when he gets down he brings all of the laundry over

Jacqui: Well, thanks Peter, will you do the laundry?

Peter: If you need any help then, yes I will

Jacqui: Well Amy you’ve picked a gentleman there

Amy: I know

{Peter notices Ed coming down}

Ed: hey kid, what’s my car doing down here?

Peter: We were just using it for the laundry.

Ed: Well don’t, next time ask me

Peter: Carol told me that i could drive it down

Ed: *looks at Carol and the others laughing* Hey you lot, what’s so funny?

Andrea: just having some fun

Ed: Well last time I looked you were meant to be doing the laundry, not a laughing club

Amy: leave it Andrea *Peter goes over to Amy* hey

Peter: *he whispers* things are going to kick off soon

Amy: I know

Andrea: You know what Ed, you do the Laundry, and we’ll watch you

Ed: get back to work and stop having a laugh, come on *he signals for Carol to come*

Andrea: No Ed, she’s staying with us

Ed: Oh is she? *grabs Carol*

Andrea: Get off her *Ed slaps Andrea

{Shane sees this and runs over, he starts to attack Ed, punching him, and his face starts to bleed

Peter: *goes over to Shane, but gets punched by him by accident*

Amy: Peter! *she runs over to Peter*

Shane: Peter *Peter gets up and walks over to the women, Shane walks off*

{Carol runs over to Ed, weeping, Peter and Carol then help Ed, up; bring him into the Cherokee, Peter drives back to camp with Amy beside him}

Inside the RV

Peter: *cuddling up with Amy on the bed* Amy, I'm fine, it was just a puch, its not sore.

Amy: I-I know, I'm just worried for you thats all, I love you

Peter: and I love you too *they kiss*

Amy: Your always here for me, Unlike Andrea, she was never there for me, every birthday that I had, she was always off on a trip, or at Uni, and she was never there for me, if I hurt myself, I always had to get up and walk on, nobody to help me up, my dad, he was always there for me, we, we always went fishing.

Peter: Did Andrea ever fish?

Amy: Oh all the time, it was a tradition in our family, every sunday we'd go out on the boat and fish for hours, did you ever fish?

Peter: Em, no, not even once, always wanted to though, just, never got round to it *he stares blankly at the wall of the RV*

Amy: I'll teach you, *Peter looks at her* if you want?

Peter: Yeah *he smiles* I'd like that

Amy: Okay, get ready and we'll go and do it

Peter: What, now??

Amy: Yeah, why not, sure what else are we going to be doing??

Peter: well....oh go on, meet me outside the RV in ten minutes "he smiles and gets up"

{Peter goes over to to his tent and changes his cloths, he bring his gun out with him}

Amy: You ready?

Peter: Yeah, but we don't have any rods or even a boat

Amy: Jim has one *goes over to Jim* Hey Jim?

Jim: What can I do for ya?

Amy: Peter and I were going to go for a fish, and were wondering if we can borrow your boat?

Jim: Yeah sure, just be carefull, the rods are a little stiff.

Amy: Thanks Jim, Okay, lets go *she smiles*

Peter: How will we get the boat down to the river?

Amy: Dale, Shane, Jim, Morales, can you give us a hand?

{the four men come over, and they all bring the boat down to the river}

Amy: Thanks *they all leave and Peter and Amy get into the boat, they paddle out into the openand start to fish*

Peter: Well, this is nice

Amy: away from all the drama up at camp, and all alone, together, in a boat

Peter: *laughs* so, when will ew catch a fish?

Amy: a few minutes, a few hours, just depends on when they come to eat the bate,

Peter: so what were you studding at college?

Amy: oh, I was only going to be starting college, before the outbreak happened, but media.

Peter: cool, I'm into media, and guns *they laugh*

Amy: You've got a bite *as they look at Peter's rod*

{Hours later they get go back up to camp, with twenty big fish}

Lori: Wow,

Amy: Peter's a quick learner

Dale: I don't mean to spoil things, but, we might have a problem *they all look up to the hill to see Jim digging*

{They all walk up to the hill and see Jim digging a hole, and also five more holes}

Shane: Hey Jim, you mind telling us what you're doing? *Jim doesn't respond* Jim, could ya just stop what your doing for a few minutes?

Jim: *stops digging* What do ya'all want?

Dale: We're just curious to see what your doing up here, and why

Jim: I'm digging, so if you could just leave

Peter: Yeah, but Jim, why, why are you digging in this heat?

Jim: I ain't hurting anybody now am I?

Dale: Apart from yourself

Shane: Okay Jim, just stop, take a drink, rest yourself, then maybe later I'll come out and help yo, what do ya say?

Jim: No, I'm fine doing this by myself

Lori: Okay Jim, your scaring the kids, and we'd like you to stop now

Shane: Okay Jim, I ain't gonna ask again, just stop

Jim: What if I don't stop, you gonna beat me up like you did to Ed Peletier, and evn hit your friend

Amy: Ed was in the wrong

{Shane, then pins Jim to the ground, he then brings him back to camp and ties him to a tree, they dont do anything else that day}

Night time around the camp fire

Carol: Ed won’t be joining us tonight

Morales: Shane, you have something to say?

Shane: listen Carol *Carol stops him*

Carol: You don’t need to say anything

{Ed comes out, walks over to the RV}

Shane: Hey Ed, what you doing?

Ed: Going to the bathroom, will I get beaten up again?

{Shane doesn’t reply}

Jacqui: Well that was a nice day, I think it was the coolest we’ve ever had

Peter: in Belfast it’s never this warm

Ed: *walking out of the RV* AHHHHH *a walker has bitten him*

{His scream is hear from the others, they then see walkers coming out of nowhere}

Carol: Ed, *she runs to Ed, Peter shoots the walker that bite Ed.

{Shane, Andrea, Dale and Peter are shooting the Walkers, Amy is with Peter}

Shane: You ‘all make your way up to the RV now

{Everyone starts to move closer to the RV

Peter: Morales more coming this way *Morales starts to move to the RV, Sophia, you stay close to me

{Soon Rick and the others return, shooting at the walkers, soon they are all dead, they see that Ed is dead, Carol is screaming, Amy hugs Peter, Rick runs over to Lori and Carl, the others are on their guard.

Dale: Is that them all?

Peter: It's all right, we're safe *he tells Amy*

To be Continued..