{Starts with a Flashback when Lori, Shane, Carl and Peter are visiting Rick at the hospital}

In Rick’s Hospital room

Peter: he’s been worse

Shane: Yes he has

Lori: What’s that mark on his chest?

Shane: he got hit, but it wasn’t bleeding, he told me not to tell you

Peter: Typical, that’s a type of thing that Rick would de *they share a laugh*

{The door opens and a tall, thin man walks into the room}

Lori: Jeff

Carl: Hi Uncle Jeff

Jeff: hey buddy *he goes over to Lori, and kisses her on the cheek, he then shakes Peter and Shane’s hand and hugs Carl*

Peter: Hey Shane, why don’t me and you go get some coffee’s

Shane: I ain’t that thirsty

Peter: Shane *he signals for him to leave*

Shane: In fact, I could do with some grub, you guys want anything?

Lori: coffee,

Shane: Jeff? *he shakes his head* Carl?

Carl: Can you get me something to eat?

Peter: Yeah sure buddy

{Peter and Shane walk out of the room}

Shane: what’s the matter?

Peter: Oh, nothing, I just think that they need some time alone, that’s all. * He shares a smile with Shane and they walk along the hallway*

Present time

{the group are all recovering from Last night’s attack, nobody slept at all, they all just hung around the RV, Dale an Peter went on watch, Ed got shot after her reanimated, Carol just remained beside him all night}

Daryl: Come on Peter, we got a lot of bodies to clear

{Morales helps Peter lift it to the other burning bodies, they wing it over to the fire, they then go over to another body, that used to be a survivor at the camp, Daryl and Morales lift them and fling him into the fire}

Jim: Jacqui, you all right?

Jacqui: No sweetie, I feel sick,* she then throws up* better now *Jim helps her up*, thanks

Jim: no problem *they hug*

Peter: Andrea, can you get me a drink?

Amy: I’ll get you one, does anyone else want one? *Dale, Shane, Rick, Lori and Carol all say they want one* okay

{Amy goes into the RV to get drinks, Peter follows her}

Peter: Are you okay?

Amy: Yes, I’ve got you and Andrea, what more can I have *they hug for a while, and then bring the drinks of water out the others*

Rick: We need to move on, more walkers could come

Shane: where would we go?

Rick: *pauses* the CDC, the best place to find a cure for this disease

Shane: I say Fort benning

Lori: That’s 200 miles in the opposite direction

{After a while Shane, Dale and Rick goes off to scout the area, Peter goes over to the Cherokee and starts it up, Carol says that he can drive the Cherokee if they go anywhere, Amy goes over to Peter}

Amy: What do you think we should do?

Peter: I have no idea what to do, but we need to stick together

{Rick, Shane and Dale return, Shane calls them over}

Shane: Okay listen up everyone, at dawn tomorrow we’re going to be leaving for the CDC, so get all of your stuff packed away, and get lifts sorted out and everything else.

{They all go away}

At dawn the next Morning

Shane: Okay You ‘all know what’s happening, Dale will be driving the RV, We’ll be on Channel 25 if you need us, if there’s a problem honk your horn and Dale will stop the RV, is everyone clear?

Morales: Yea, em we’re not going, and you can’t change our minds we’re going to see if other family are still alive. *Shane and rick give them a handgun, and they say their goodbyes*

{The group all get in their cars, Morales leads the way, but goes a separate way than the others, a while later they arrive at the CDC}

Shane: Right stay close and keep the noise down *they all se dead bodies*

{they arrive at the entrance to see it shut, Jim, Rick and Shane trey and open the doors but are shut tight

Peter: walkers *Daryl shoots the walker that Peter saw*

Shane: Rick this is a dead end

Rick: It can’t be?

Shane: right everyone lets go, get back to the cars now!

Rick: No, wait, the camera it moved

Peter: Uncle Rick, its probably still shutting itself down or something

Lori: He’s right, Rick there’s nobody here, and it’s a dead end now let’s go

Amy: But where, we’ve got no food, not enough fuel to go to Fort Benning

Shane: Right ya’ all get back to the cars now, Rick lets go *he forces Rick to move8 {they start to go but are stopped by the Doors opening, they all run in}

Dale: Check for walkers

Jenner: *holding an assault rifle* is anyone bit?

Rick: NO

Jenner: What do you want?

Rick: a place to stay?

Jenner: you got anything to bring ion you do it now, once these door shut they stay shut, okay? *they bring in the bag of guns* Vi seal the main entrance and cut the power

Vi: Cutting power now.

Jenner: You all need to admit to a blood test

Rick: *looks around to the others* we can do that

Jenner: Okay, Follow me

In the elevator

Daryl: Do doctors all ways go packin’ heat like that?

Jenner: Only me, but you ‘all seem harmless enough *looks at Carl* apart for you *Carl smiles* I’m gonna have to keep an eye on you

Peter: *whispering to Amy* at least someone will *she smirks*

Out of the elevator, walking along a hallway

Peter: Are we underground?

Jenner: Yeah, are you claustrophobic?

Peter: Yes

Jenner: Try not to think about it {they all stop} Now the bedroom facilities are down, so you’ll have to sleep in the couches, sorry about that

Peter: Best we’ll have had in ages *they all laugh*

Jenner: Kids, there’s a recreational room at the bottom of the hallway, and try not to use much hot water in the showers please, oh and if you’re in the recreational room don’t use any electricity *Jenner walks away*

T-Dog: Hot water *he smiles*

Peter: That’s what the man said *they all walk into different rooms*

{In Lori, Rick and Carls room Lori and Rick are in the shower together, Carol is in her room having a shower while Sophia is reading a book that she found under the couch, Jacqui and Jim are sharing room, Jim is drying his hair while Jac is having a shower, Peter is also having a shower, as is T-Dog, Glenn, in separate rooms, In Shane’s room he’s drinking a bottle of Whiskey while in the shower}

In the Recreational room

{Amy is snuggling into Peter’s chest while he’s stroking her hair, Sophia and Carl are playing a game of checkers, Carol and Lori then walks into the room}

Lori: Oh, *looks at Peter and Amy* we’re not bothering you two are we?

Peter: Oh ha-ha, very funny, but your face beats ya

Lori: Yes, but yours wins the race *the pair share a laugh*, look at the amount of books there are in here

Amy: I know, Peter and I took some and put them in our bags, it’s not like anyone will notice *they all laugh*

Carol: Okay Sophia, let’s get you to bed

Lori: You too Carl, I’ll be there in a minute, don’t forget to say your prayers

Peter: I’ll go with him, let you read on for a bit *Amy, Peter, Carol, Sophia and Carl walk out of the room*

Along the hallway

Carol: You know, this might be the best night sleep that we’ve had in ages *she smiles*

Amy: I know, looks like miracles do happen

{They come to Carol and Sophia’s room}

Peter: Well goodnight Sophia *he kisses her on her forehead* night Carol and he hugs her goodnight, as does Amy, they walk on to Carl’s room* okay buddy, get changed into your PJ’s and you get some sleep now, I’m just across the hallway if ya need anything, okay?

Carl: *lying on the couch* okay, night Amy, *she kisses him on the forehead

Amy: Night buddy

{Peter switches the light off and walks out of the room, he takes Amy back to her room and then goes back to his own room}

Next morning in the cafeteria

{Lori, Carl, Amy, Andrea, Daryl, Dale, Jacqui, Carol, Sophia, T-Dog and Peter are all having their breakfast}

Rick: *just coming into the room* Morning

Carl: Mom said you’d be hug over

Rick: Well Mom was right *they all laugh*

Shane: Morning ya’ll

Rick: *noticing scratch marks on Shanes face form Lori last night what happened to your face?

Shane: Dunno, must have done it in ma sleep

Peter: Very unusual

Rick: i never seen you do that before

Shane: Neither have I *he looks over to Lori, and then sits down*

Jenner: *walking into the room* you all sleep well?

Glenn: Oh my head

Peter: I think Glenn had a little too much wine last night *they all laugh*

Glenn: remind me never to drink again

T-Dog: *brings over some bacon and egg* Well a little fry will help with that

Andrea: Doc?

Jenner: Yes?

Dale: We didn’t just come for the wine and eggs

In the Laboratory

Jenner: Vi, show case study TS-19

Vi: showing TS-19

Jenner: before you all showed up, I was working on a cure, was nearly finished, but it was destroyed, this is TS-19

{They all look at a big screen to see a body reanimated and then getting shot}

Andrea: so that brain, after it reanimated it came back

Jenner: Kinda, the brain itself does come back, but see at the start all of those lights, they are the ‘you’ part; when the brain restarts itself the ‘you’ part doesn’t come back

Dale: I hate to be asking so many questions

Jenner: But you’re going to anyway

Dale: yes, that clock *they all look over to a digital clock that is counting down* when that clock hits zero, what happens then?

Jenner: When the clock hits zero that means that the elsctricity has run out,

{Rick, Shane, T-Dog and Glenn all run upstairs to the generators, while the rest of the group heads back to their rooms}

In Peter’s room

{Peter is cleaning his gun when Amy walks into the room}

Amy: Hey

Peter: Jesus, *Peter drops his gun which he was cleaning* scared me half to death

Amy: Sorry, what ‘ya doin’?

Peter: Oh, I was just trying to clean my gun, you wanna watch?

Amy: Yeah, sure *she walks over to the couch and sits beside him* it looks really tricky

Peter: at first, yeah it’s very difficult but once you get the hang of it it’s a walk in the park *they smile at each other, Peter then puts his gun back together* shh

Amy: What?

Peter: Don’t you hear that?

Amy: I don’t hear anything...

Peter: exactly the air-con stopped

{They walk out of the room to see the others looking around from their doors and then Jenner comes down the hallway, Peter grabs all of his guns}

Daryl: Hey man, what’s happening? *Jenner ignores him and grabs Daryl’s bottle of Whiskey* hey man, don walk away when I’m talkin’ to you

{Jenner still ignores him and keeps walking, the others then follow him they meet up with Rick and the others and walk into the lab}

Rick: Jenner, all of the barrels are out, *a Siren is heard* what’s that?

Jenner: Just on time *he looks to the clock* right on the thirty minute dot *the rest of them are in the lab now*

Shane: All right you ’all get your stuff we’re leaving NOW *he shouts

{They pause as Rick stops them}

Rick: Jenner what happens at zero?

Jenner: HITs are deposited here

Peter: H.I.T’s? *Jenner doesn’t respond*

Rick: Vi, what are H.I.T’s?

Vi: H.I.T’s are ...........

{the group are in shock some are crying, Dale is covering his ears at the shock, Peter is holding on to Amy, Carol, Sophia, Lori, Carl and Andrea are all sitting on the floor, Jenner goes over to his computer and presses button causing the doors to shut}

Carol: You’re locking us in?

Jenner: it’s for the best

Peter: for what? *at this moment Daryl grabs an axe and tries to break down the door*

Carol: my daughter doesn’t deserve to die like this

Jenner: Just think about it, not even a millisecond of pain, just boom you’re gone for good

Shane: to hell with this *he gets his shotgun and walks over to Jenner*

Peter: Shane NO *others try to shot him*

Shane: You o-pen this door NOW *he yells* or i will blow your face up

Peter: Shane that won’t help

{Shane lets loose his anger and start firing at the other computers, Rick snatches the gun out of Shane’s hand, knocking him to the ground}

Rick: You done, I said are you done?

Shane: I guess we all are

Rick: *walking over to Jenner* you’re wrong

Jenner: Pardon me?

Rick: I think you’re wrong, let us go, make a chance

Jenner: No, I told you as soon as you came in I said once these doors close they stay close

Peter: Yeah, but we never knew you meant that you’re gonna kill us

Jenner: Rick, it’s like you said, we’re walking meat out there

Jim: You actually said that man?

Rick: I had to keep up hope, didn’t I? *looks back at Jenner* please, let us at least try our luck out there

Jenner: *pauses* Okay, I’ll open that door, but topside will still be in lockdown, and I can’t reoveride that

Rick: Thank you *he shakes his hand*

Jenner: *Whispering something to Rick*

Shane: Come on, ya’ all, let’s go

{They run out, Jim stays put}

Jacqui: Jim, sweetie, come on

Jim: no, no you go; I don’t want to live in a world of dead people

T-Dog: Jacqui come on *forcing her to move*

{They all get to the top, trying to smash the window}

Peter: the glass isn’t breaking

Shane: *loading his shotgun* T-dog move *Shane shoots the glass but it does break*

Peter: Oh my God, look outside *they all see walkers coming nearer to them

T-Dog: It’s hopeless

Carol: Rick *rummages through her bag* I have something that might help

Shane: Carol a nail file won’t help

Carol: but this will *handing Rick a grenade*

Rick: Everyone gets down, *he puts the grenade by the window, shattering the window as it explodes*

{They all run out, the men all shoot the walkers, Amy runs beside Peter, Andrea stays close to her, they get to the cars, and drive off, as they leave they see in the background the CDC exploding}

Season 2 coming soon