• Moodyrocks

    I was just wondering, but did anyone else notice a mistake about Sophia's death?

    the mistake was that when Rick shot her in Pretty Much Dead Already, she fell side ways but in Nebraska she is lying straight.

    Obiously every show has its mistake and I'm not critisising the show or anything I just thought I'd point it out.

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  • Moodyrocks

    {The scene opens with a group of kids, Peter, Scott, Garry, Ben, Mark, Susan, Ross, Jonny, Anna, Danny, Zara, Adam and Henry all sitting in a living room of Anna’s house, peter has a .22 Magnum in his hand, Ben has a Sniper rifle, the rest of them are all sitting down on the chairs, some are sleeping, Peter and Mark are standing near the front door, which has been boarded up, as is the other windows and the backdoor, Scott and Ben are at the back of the house, looking outside the gaps in the wood}

    Adam: I’m hungry; we haven’t eaten a full meal in three days now

    Peter: I know, we just need to all sit tight, leave it for a few days before the walkers outside clear off, then Ben and I’ll go and scavenge some food

    Scott: I’ll go with Ben, *Scott w…

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  • Moodyrocks


    August 9, 2012 by Moodyrocks

    I waws just wondering, would it be possible if we made a few pages for important vehicles because the RV has it's own page, you could have the Jeep Cherokee, Daryl's bioke and Shane's SUV

    it's just a suggestion please get back to me

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    Recent Events

    August 6, 2012 by Moodyrocks

    Hello, I'm just going to let you all know that I wont be continuing 'My Walking Dead stories' because f many reasons

    1) I got bored of writting them

    2) My computer had all of the coppies and they all got deleted, so I could be bothered re-writting them

    The othernews si that I'm starting a new sotry called 'Peter's Story' that will be coming onto the wiki very soon, I hope that you will all read my new adventure, and I'm sorry for the very few who liked my other stories, if you really want to know what happens in the walking dead based stories or whats to come in the next adventure then leave a comment I will reply to it A.S.A.P.

    thank you for being suportive

    moodyrocks :D

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  • Moodyrocks

    This part is continuing after they've left the CDC, about 5 miles away from it

    Rick: Hey Dale, pull over here for a minute please *so Dale stops the RV, and they all get out, the rest of the group get out of their cars as well*

    Peter: What’s wrong?

    Rick: We need to go into Atlanta

    Shane: What!!

    Rick: Glen, T-Dog, Daryl and I all meet up with people, and we need to go and get them, maybe stay there for a while

    Shane: Rick, are you crazy?

    Rick: We need to go to them, and they have more guns, we can save them, get them out of there, their old.

    Shane: I ain’t happy about walking around Atlanta, just to get a couple of old people

    Peter: I think we should do it,

    Rick: any objections?

    Shane: fine, but we go and get the people and leave, we don’t stay there


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