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Who is your favorite character and why?

Moirarose February 27, 2013 User blog:Moirarose

I know that this blog has been done about a million times before (sue me) but I was curious as to whether anyones favorites changed since the last few episodes. (and please don't say "OMG I LUVDAYRL BECAUZ NORMAAAN REEADEUS IS SOOO HAWT OMG LOL!!!!111") 

As for me, I would have to say Maggie is my favorite because she easily is one of the strongest caracters on the show. She also has, in my opinion, the best caracter development on the show. She evolved from the naive b*tch in early season 2 to a total BAMF in season 3.( I hate comic book Maggie though)

So just tell me what you think, and please don't start the next flame war of '95.

--If anything else happens to Glaggie this season, A BITCH WILL BE CUT.--

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