1. 1. For those of you who read my other blog, I don't think so anymore...
  1. 2. For those of you who think I am an idiot because I call Philip The Governor instead of Philip, you read these names and see if you know the half of them, I know I know more than most who just watch the show to see the undead because on youtube videos of this show people always complain it doesn't say their names, you just have to watch closely. 

Here are the people I think will die

Hershel - I think Hershel will die in part 2 of Season 3 by getting attacked by many walkers

Axel - I think Axel will kill himself due to him having no friends (After Oscar dies) from his jail.

Oscar - I think Oscar will die in episode 8 while they are leaving Woodbury.

Tyreese's daughter - I think she is the 'she' Carl is referring to in the promo for episode 8. 

Tyreese's daughter's boyfriend (Sorry don't know names yet) - I think The Governor will kill him at some point in part 2.

Judith - I think The Governor will kill her in revenge for Penny, even though Michonne kills Penny

Ceaser - I think he will get killed by Rick when Woodbury fights the prison

Milton - I think he will get attacked by a zombie he is testing and realize they aren't what they used to be and Andrea kill the zombified him

Penny - Michonne beheads her after The Governor begs her not too

Rowan - I think Michonne will kill her and The Governor will loose everything (P.S. Rowan is The Governor's other girlfriend)

Here is why I think others will live -

Carol - Good shot (I think Rick would cover he since she has gotten good at the guns) and plus, if they wanted to kill her she would've died in episode 4 (Killer within)

Rick - Main character, and he has to face Philip. (I think he will die towards the end of the show though)

Maggie - She is a main character, she wouldn't become main then die (I know Lori was main and died, but I mean Laurie Coahn (Maggie) just got upgraded THIS SEASON)

Glenn - I think he will die like he did in the comics either next season or 5

Beth - I think her and Maggie need to survive up till season 5

Carl - He's becoming his own boss, he will take over after Rick dies

The Governor - Villian (I think he will also lead the group to Neegan)

Merle - Same deal with Maggie (I think he will die in season 4 though)

Darryl - I think he will die but not until season 4 or 5

Tyreese - He's just coming in (I know Dave and Tony came in and they died right off the bat but Tyreese is more important and probably will not die till the end of season 4 or early season 5)

Tyreese's other group (Allen?????) - I think they will all die through the course of season 4 - 6

Morgan - He's just coming back

The other people I am forgetting - Just to see them fight in season 4