Do you think Season 3 is the last? 

I know Glenn Mazara said that they planned the prison story arc to last seasons 3 AND 4. 

Here is why I think this is the final season -

  • Season 4 hasn't been confirmed, odd because for the other seasons it was confirmed right away. They had a blood drive thing going on, it would have been confirmed cause it was nearly worldwide. 
  • A fan asked Mazzara when Season 4 will premiere on twitter, he replied saying "o".... When I first read this I thought, WTF? and you may be thinking that too... But could it mean in Mazzar's mind, "Oh, I didn't know fans expected another season. Sorry fans, we killed off everyone in season 3." ?????? 
  • In an interview with David Morresy - The Governor - he says a line that reads, "I am going to miss it." POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOLLOW: Some speculate this means he will die in season 3 and some say he will miss it till season 4. No clue for me...

I find this really odd, do you agree with me? Now I do agree that it ending here would be sad, and yes some producers say it could go on forever, some say up to season 7. Could season 3 really be the last? I've been thinking on it for 2 days, and his group got very short this season, almost as if they can kill them all off in six episodes if they wanted too, without a Woodbury fight even, so I wonder... Is season 3 the last? Tell me what you think.

Remember I am unaware, I am not trying to make fans mad, I am just theorizing...