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    Since there is 45 minutes left, I figured I let you all know who dies in Made to suffer.

    Shupert - most likely (Or another Woodbury person)



    Haley - possible

    Someone from Tyreese's group - they have been bitten and is the 'she' Carl is referring to in the original promo.

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  • Mk28115
    1. 1. For those of you who read my other blog, I don't think so anymore...
    1. 2. For those of you who think I am an idiot because I call Philip The Governor instead of Philip, you read these names and see if you know the half of them, I know I know more than most who just watch the show to see the undead because on youtube videos of this show people always complain it doesn't say their names, you just have to watch closely. 

    Here are the people I think will die

    Hershel - I think Hershel will die in part 2 of Season 3 by getting attacked by many walkers

    Axel - I think Axel will kill himself due to him having no friends (After Oscar dies) from his jail.

    Oscar - I think Oscar will die in episode 8 while they are leaving Woodbury.

    Tyreese's daughter - I t…

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    Do you think Season 3 is the last? 

    I know Glenn Mazara said that they planned the prison story arc to last seasons 3 AND 4. 

    Here is why I think this is the final season -

    • Season 4 hasn't been confirmed, odd because for the other seasons it was confirmed right away. They had a blood drive thing going on, it would have been confirmed cause it was nearly worldwide. 
    • A fan asked Mazzara when Season 4 will premiere on twitter, he replied saying "o".... When I first read this I thought, WTF? and you may be thinking that too... But could it mean in Mazzar's mind, "Oh, I didn't know fans expected another season. Sorry fans, we killed off everyone in season 3." ?????? 
    • In an interview with David Morresy - The Governor - he says a line that reads, "I a…
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