Minor spoilers if you haven't been keeping up with the news & discussions on this wiki & other forums

Hello everyone. Found a shourt article that talks about the new faces that we will see in Season 4, starting on Sunday! The article mentions Sasha, Tyreese, Patrick, and a few others that we already know about, just slightly expands on our knowledge of them.

The part I found very interesting was about the kids, including two sisters who have a role in the second episode and may make us cry...? ... I'm guessing Carol's girl is one of the sisters, and perhaps her sister dies, which causes her to act all strange & cold & emotionless or something. Just a wild guess, but is very interesting.

There was another part -- about Patrick -- that stood out as well. Making me think of Ben Paul...

Lastly, I chuckled at how Zack is so fascinated with Daryl. Heh heh. Mini Daryl?

Check out the article link below and feel free to discuss in the comments.

Have a good one! Only 3 more days until Season 4!!

--Mistertrouble189, administrator
acknowledging CarolFanJames for finding this at the same time as I did!