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  • Mistertrouble189

    The AMC trailer for Season 6B of The Walking Dead has been released here.

    Watch and discuss... shows scenes from 6x09(?) with Rick, Michonne, Spencer, Heath, Glenn, and Maggie in the zombie-filled safe zone at night, out on the streets. Maybe they're trying to clear the safe zone by killing all the zombies. Also, Maggie screams. She looks upset.

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  • Mistertrouble189

    Title says it all... watch and discuss!!

    Reaction: BETH!!!!!1 Who is that cop lady?! Why are they in a hospital? Why is Beth in hospital scrubs? #wut

    Reaction: SAM!!! YOU'RE ALIVE! But for how long doe...

    Reaction: Mysterious red-head girl... looks like VG Molly/Jane Update: Guess this may be Carol, smeared in blood and mud, hence the hair not showing up as gray?

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  • Mistertrouble189
    Minor spoilers if you haven't been keeping up with the news & discussions on this wiki & other forums

    Hello everyone. Found a shourt article that talks about the new faces that we will see in Season 4, starting on Sunday! The article mentions Sasha, Tyreese, Patrick, and a few others that we already know about, just slightly expands on our knowledge of them.

    The part I found very interesting was about the kids, including two sisters who have a role in the second episode and may make us cry...? ... I'm guessing Carol's girl is one of the sisters, and perhaps her sister dies, which causes her to act all strange & cold & emotionless or something. Just a wild guess, but is very interesting.

    There was another part -- about Patrick -- that stood out …

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  • Mistertrouble189

    So I was roaming Spoilthedead.com and found the long-awaited scene that was deleted in Season 3 - it features a conversation between Merle and Carol in the prison. I remember Andrew Lincoln saying that Carol had one of the most epic lines of the entire season.

    Watch below, enjoy, and post your thoughts! (Apologies if it does not work for the international folk, they are trying to find the international version over at Spoilthedead - keep checking the thread in case a new international version is uploaded)

    The text...

    • Carol "Brought you some food."
    • Merle "Thank you."
    • Carol "Figured you're part of our family now. It's not much, but given what we've had, it's a lot... I should have been dead several times over"
    • Merle “Ain’t that the truth for us all."
    • C…

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  • Mistertrouble189

    So...about the Woodbury survivors (I'm seeing a lot of edits/reverting edits for Noah so I guess it's a good idea to bring this up) ...what should the fate be for the people we did not see killed/at the prison? Talking about Eileen, Dr. Stevens, Rowan, Noah and some of the other folks we have pages for on the wiki (we see Ms. McLeod at the prison so she's alive).

    I'm going to rewatch it now and try to identify who I can. I guess we can assume that anyone NOT at the prison (as seen at the end) are dead? Including Dr. Stevens and Rowan, etc. Can always change the status of some when Season 4 comes around?

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