I wanted to share my thoughts and predictions on season 4, part 2 since no one had created a blog about it yet. Obviously there are spoilers for tv and the comics. I would say a big summary but it's easier to say what i think is gonna happen by episode. 409- Rick and Carl will find a house after walking for a little, and stay there for a while. Rick will be distraught over losing Judith and Carl will lure the walkers to whatever he was doing that we saw in the preview. We'll see where the other groups are and probably one group will meet up with another. Eventually Rick and Carl will leave and meet up with the group, which will have everyone back together. The group will include: Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Beth, Daryl, Tyreese, Sasha, Michonne, Bob, Lizzie, Mika, Luke, Molly, Jeanette, McLeod, and the other unnamed survivors (there are about 6?) I think Tara will find them and be accepted into the group too.  410- The group will meet and decide on some place to go. On the way to wherever they're going, they'll meet Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene. They'll eventually join the group and direct them to Washington D.C. (Eugene).  411- It will be shown that Lizzie killed Mika (a la Ben and Billy). While the group talks about Lizzie, Carl will kill her later that night (comics). I think the group will voyage for a while and maybe face a death or two, and it will be revealed that the hunters are watching them. 412- The hunters will be shown catching someone and eating them (my guesses would be sasha or bob). The group will notice they're gone and they'll try to find them. They'll find the hunters and kill them. The one who was captured died of blood loss. 413- The group will try to carry on to D.C. and will find Father Gabriel or another character resembling him (didn't someone hint towards that?)  414- ? 415- Recruited by Aaron and Eric, trip to Alexandria 416- The group will continue their trip and they will arrive to Alexandria at the end and find Carol there. What do you guys think? Slower pacing? Faster? Am i completely off? What are your predictions?