Now I'm not talking about the greasy haired biker Phillip Blake in the comic. We know the TV show is far different from the comic.

But Robert Kirkman just wrote a book last year giving us the origin story of the Govenor. It was a really good book. In that book he has no wife, the girl is his niece. (Does anyone think we might see Penny this season?)

Another book about the origins of a Govenor led Woodbury is about to be released.

It's sort of like we're living in 3 separate universes of Walking Dead: Comic, TV Show and now novel.

I know I'm being a bit of a nerd but it's hard to keep all the storylines together. I guess having the David Morrisey character a family man before the Zombie Apocolypse might be more believable to those that know nothing about the source material of The Walking Dead. But I found the Brian/Phillip character in the book to be very sympathetic.

Anyone think this Govenor will be able to rape and torture Michonne? Seeing their interacts in the most recent episode was quite chilling knowing what happened to both of them in the comics at Woodbury.