So who has read the Walking Dead novel about the Governor?

Overall I thought it was a great book but the end seemed totally tacked on.

Spoiler Below

You read the book assuming Phillip Blake is the Governor and as the book goes along he sort of starts acting like the Governor, especially after Penny is killed. You actually start feeling bad for Brian because Phillip blames him for Penny's death.

But it leaves you with no satisfaction to find out that Drew kills Phillip and Brian kills Drew and a character that showed no indication of being evil the entire book then takes his brother's identity and leads Woodbury.

The only sense I can make of it is that Phillip became so unhinged that there's little chance that it would be believable that he'd be able to lead Woodbury.

It seems Brian does what he does as a tribute to his brother.

I went back to read the two initial Governor TR's of TWD and the guy that they show in the comics show no indication of the character Brian was in the book. Of course that all hinsight.

Thoughts of the end of the novel?

Also does anyone know who the next novel will be about?