• Megadumbss

    Oscar's character

    November 29, 2012 by Megadumbss

    Alright so I know people think he will die and I'm not going to agree or disagree. I'm making this blog to talk about his personallity and story more specificly. I think he a very interesting character. He is willing to help out the group by doing a range of things: he can do physical labor, He is willing do risk his life and he spent time on the generators meaning he can help fix problems with the generator.

    More specificly his personallity. He has a good sense of justice shown when taking the side of Rick and not Andrew. He is very strong and has a lot of pride (refusing to beg for mercy from rick, daryl and T-Dog). He also has a more human and humorous side shown when he went to get the slippers and when laughing with the group as Daryl …

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