With Chapter three so close, I think it's time to broach the subject: who do you think will die in the game?

I have not included characters who are confirmed to live until later I.E: clem, lee, kenny, and lilly

I have also left out characters who are too vague at this point to matter I.E: Save lots bandits, characters in trailer for ep. 3, Clem's mom, Lee's ex wife (I sincerely think they are still alive)

A. Katjaa

B. Duck

C. Carly/doug

D. Just Carly

E. Just Doug

F. Ben

G. Surviving St. John brother(s)

If I somehow left anybody out, please tell me and I will update.

ALSO! this is probably the episode in which the contest gamer character will be introduced, so be keep that in mind, at least one of the people introduced next episode is screwed.