I was really bored, so I started making this with Paint.net. thought it might be something cool to show off.
The Walking Dead Monopoly (2)

The Walking Dead Monopoly game

It's still WIP, obviosly. I'll clean it up later, but for now:

  • each "property" is a character, organised by how valuable they were and grouped by color.
  • railroads are the locations they stayed at. I'm thinking Dale's RV, Everett Pharmaceuticals, Gabriels Church, and Alexandria Safe Zone.
  • instead of "go to jail" it is "get out of jail", and vice versa.
  • I have no idea what to put for chance and community chest.
  • the money would be representing bullets, which is why "walker Horde" is the luxury tax of this one.
  • Mortgaging a character mean's they're dead.
  • The utilities will be represented by actual utilities. water works will be the atlanta quarry, while elecric company will be the prison Generator (any better ideas, just throw 'em to me)
  • free parking will be Hershells Farm, with the caption "just stay for the night" or something like that.
  • Characters and locations are pulled from the show, comic, and game.

so yeah, I think it's really fun to make this, please tell me what you think so far.

  • EDIT* did some more work on it, here;s what i've got.
    The Walking Dead Monopoly (3)

somebody please give me a better picture or alternative for the pharmacy, it's the only color picture there.

  • also, the characters are organised differently. there is often no rhyme or reason to what I organised them to, but they're in groups like "the darling little children"