The Jimquisition, a show run by the Escapist, has placed a super subtle hint that The Walking Dead is to be named their game of the year. Let me explain: All week long, Jim, the host of the show, has been naming five games. monday-thursday have been graced with the announcements of Dishonored, Lollipop chainsaw, Journey, and some indie game whos name I cant be bothered to remember being awarded outstanding game of 2012. At the end of each of his videos, Jim placed an extremely obvious hint as to what his next pick would be, and at the end of his last one, he used Clementine's hat as his hint, which makes it pretty much set in stone that The Walking Dead is his pick for Game of the Year 2012. While a bit less well known than other award shows, this is still an honor that makes me think we need to be better compiling the acclaim for this awesome game on the wiki. what are some other obscure Game of the Year awads being given to the walking dead? post your answers in the comments below.

Here's the link to Jim's show. I highly suggest you check it out, as Jim makes some great points on the gaming industry, and you can check out his other picks for outstanding game and verify my above statement.