So in a recent article found here, Gayle Anne Hurd confirmed that each of the seasons of the walking dead cover an aspect of leadership (rick vs shane, rick vs. hershell, rick vs. the governor) and that made me think, how might this play into Season 4?

This little fact wouldn't have turned my head if not for this blog, which I feel must be given credit.

My opinion on this matter is that Thyreese will be making waves as a rival for Rick. He already has a distrust of Rick and his group from his time in Woodbury, and showed an interest in preserving the lives of the remaining woodbury citizens, who also share this distrust. Thyreese's potential conflict might also have been foreshadowed by his relationship with Allen, who claimed to also face some competition from Thyreese as the leader of his family unit. It is also possible that Thyreese might start a relationship with either Michonne or Carol, as he did in the comic. Rick's poor grasp of his sanity last season has worn on his authority within the group, especially with Carl (not to mention the fact that Carol was never really a staunch supporter) could leave Rick with few Allies. The new active stance on survival that the woodbury survivors have could end up making them a threat to Rick, and he could end up being reliant on Characters like Daryl and Hershell.

Who else might offer competition towards Rick next season? debate my theory or post complaints in the comments below.