It was recently announced at SDCC that Steven Yeun (Glenn) would be joining the cast of Avatar: the legend of Korra, as Wan, the very first avatar, and will also be starring in several of his own episodes. While this news is not strictly Walking Dead related, I felt it warranted a blog post, just so I could squeeze in how amazing avatar is as a series and how you should totally watch it on netflix if you have'nt yet because its awesome and the best western anime ever.

back to the point, this IGN article mentions Yeun's new role, and This is a link to the Legend of Korra tumblr, where a trailer for season two of the show is being showed, and where Yeun's character can be seen for, like, 2 seconds.

Edit: Steven Yuen's character is the lanky kid with the beard, seen at 1:19 in the video.