So You guys have all seen the trailer for Season 2 of Telltale's the Walking Dead Video Game, but one of the main (in fact, only) bits of information Telltale gave us was that time has passed between seasons. (Super informative guys, way to go). The image slider below shows images of Clementine before and after the inter-season timeskip, to help compare and contrast how she has grown since we've seen her last. Personally, at the time of the second photo, I think Clementine is probably about 11 or 12 years old, meaning the timeskip was likely at least two years. My evidence for this, based on the pictures, is as follows: *Clementine's neck is much more defined. *Much less of her body fits into the shot, showing that she has grown several inches or possibly as much as a foot between seasons. *her facial features are distinctly more mature. *her *cough* breast appears to be slightly more developed. (And bear in mind that I, like any fan of this game, view Clementine as a child from a parental perspective. Don't laugh, because you know we all feel the same way.) *Her shoulders are several inches wider as well *I also believe, that for Clementine to be taken seriously as a contributing member of any group she becomes a part of, she needs to be old enough to be considered more than a burden.
The Walking Dead Season 2 - Reveal Trailer-000:55

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Reveal Trailer-0

* EDIT: I noticed something today while playing episode 1 of season 1 that is unrelated to this topic specifically but also involves one of the Season 2 screenshots. I think that Clementine got the photo of Lee seen in the Season 2 screenshots from the Pharmacy when they were first there. Clementine was sitting on the desk when Lee found the family photo and tore his own image away from it, and I think that Clem probably picked it up when he wasn't looking and kept it on her after they left the pharmacy.