okay, any frequent users of the wiki know that we suffer from multiple blog syndrome. this isn't really "official" in any real sense, but it's the apocalypse! we do what we want!

Lets talk about walk with me. awesome episode. we got to see merle, the governor, lilly, penny*, dr. stevens (who is a woman! That's pretty cool!), a possible megan**, a possible martinez, milton, and a character-balanced governor! this is exciting!

  • I think Penny starts off alive in the show, and then dies due to the actions of rick's group and/or andrea and michonna and/or merle (who I am starting to think may or may not be the counterpart of bob)
    • for those of you who don't know, Megan is a friend of Lilly's who appeared in the novel. she could have been the woman in the governor's bed, because that's something novel megan did.

I also propose that we now put someone on the news team in charge of making "official" episode/issue/game blogs, so as to eliminate and destroy multiple bog syndrome. shoot it in the head! it'll reanimate!