With the recent introduction and upcoming reintroduction of Michonne, Thyreese, and Morgan, it's pretty obvious, given michonne's romantic history with both these characters, that Michonne's about to be in a position of forming a romantic bond with one of them. Who do you think it will be with, and why? what would their relationship be like/based on? it's pretty exciting to know that these characters will have some actual stuff of substance soon.

Also, does anyone else find it an eensy bit racist that michonne has been romantically involved (or attempted to be romantically involved) with literally every adult black male character in the comic? That was eating away at me when she went after Heath last issue.

I would almost hope that she doesn't go for either Thyreese or Morgan, and instead goes after Daryl, which would make sense, as it would frame nicely with Carol's suicide, and make it seem much more organic. Plus, Michonne and Daryl are basically gender flips of the same person, except michonne is angrier. I like this idea too because of merle being a gigantic racist, so that's an exciting prospect.