How do you guys think all the major cities fell during the initial stages of the apocalypse? I have always had a few ideas as to why it might have happened.

  • suicide: people approach "dead" relatives hanging from nooses withut caution, thinking they can help their apparently struggling family members can still be saved. they cut them down and die.
  • Military desertion: members of the military forces defending the cities all desert in order to defend their friends and families, leaving the city defenseless
  • lack of ammo: members of the remaining military forces run out of ammunition and feul (since no more would be coming in) and then get overrun.
  • lack of supplies (food, feul ect.) : survivors in the cities become unruly and disobedient when the supplies in the cities quickly run out, bloated as they are with refugees, and that disrupts defence ability
  • internal infections: refugees enter the city with hidden bites, die quietly in an alley somewhere and start a little outbreak of their own.
  • people killed by internal violence: people are killed in food riots and in looting and come back as walkers to infect the remaining survivors.

I feel like I was pretty thorough, but if you guys wanna talk about anything i may have missed, please do so in the comics.