TNT has recently ordered a series from the pilot shot last spring for the show L.A. Noire (No affiliation to rockstar game). The show features Jon Bernthal as the main character, who is an LAPD cop in an area rife with police corruption. another character, played by Jeffrey Demunn, is Det. Hal Morrisson, who is in charge of the LAPD's new mob squad. The show is being made by Frank Darabont, another ex-walking dead face, and has a bunch of other people in it, who I've never heard about, and who don't have any reason to be talked about on a walking dead wiki. no date has been announced for the debut of t
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his series.

Jon Bernthall in his new show (who knew you could be tightcast as a cop?)

It's a bit hilarious to look at Jeffry demunn's acting career. when he was in the mist, he was with like eight or nine other walking dead cast members, and also darabont again, and now he's in this with jon bernthal and frank darabont. it's kind of weird how you can see how close these people get as friends and coworkers when they keep working together after they all get booted from the same show.

If you wanna find out more about this series, come over here to get some more info on characters.