ok, i doubt many people are still interested, but here are some character descriptions i've drawn up for my diaries of the apocalypse characters. if any information i offer here seems contradictory, that is because it is, too bad for you. just to let you know, this whole changing my mind on stuff thing isnt gonna bacome a trend, i just feel like it is a bit of a safety net that prevents a descent into extreme crappiness. these character descriptions are also there to undo alot of the mary-sue-ishness of my story so far. All character descriptions of people who no longer matter are just physical. no mental stuff necessary.

Paul: 17 yrs old. no identifying features except for black hair and green eyes. carries rifle, with which he is accurate, though he is not very cool under pressure. much better with plans then execution. rejects idea that he may need help raising his sister, often to the point of foolishness. slow to trust, quick to anger. often awkward in conversation. almost always followed by King, his german shephard.

King: German shephard breed dog. extremely cowardly, though can smell a walker very easily.

Sarah: 12 yrs old, green eyes, brown hair, usually in ponytail. Carries around a small purse in which she carries an asthma inhailer and a few personal effects (photos, ect.). scarred into immaturity by apocalypse, often acts timid and not her age. friends with carl while in camp.

Frank: older man, in mid 50's. thin, not very good with any weapons. exceedingly honest, almost as bad at keeping secrets as glenn. short, greyish black hair. a little on the short side.

Callie: long brown hair, kept in curls. very independant. middling height.

Anders: tall, crew cut haircut. a bit of a sheep.