Diaries of the apocalypse, Episode 7

I saw the thing about the new wiki made, except personally, I prefer this, as it's where my other stuff already is. If you dont like reading them you dont have to. It isnt as if there is any pressing news going on at the moment, so I figure it doesent really matter. sorry if this offends you but I enjoy it more this way.

last episode, Paul shed his red shirt of boringness and went mostly insane. he pretty much got everybody pissed off at him, and it was also revealed that Sarah had no cartridges for her inhaler, though they were most likely stocked at the pharmacy in town. Paul and frank had an argument over the subject of mercy killing, and carl got in huge trouble for showing off his gun and putting people in danger.

episode opens with Paul and Sarah walking back to their tent.

Paul: Sarah, are you okay about King?

Sarah: I think so. what about you? is Jimmy going to be okay?

Paul: Hershell seems to think so, though he's pretty angry at me, and so is beth. I get the feeling she hates my guts now.

Sarah: I didnt think we'd get to keep king very long.

Paul: Why?

Sarah: he would always wander off from us. plus, he was a complete coward, and gave us away when walkers were near. maybe we're better off.

Paul: Sarah, you don't have to think about that kind of stuff. That's my job.

they reach the tent, and they both duck inside. It is rather spacious, as it had once been for their entire family of five. two sleeping bags lay on the floor, as well as a fur-covered blanket that looked very worn. there are two backpacks, one obviously meant for a young girl. Paul crosses to his and begins to dig, to the very bottom, where he unearths a cash box. he pulls a key from his pocket and unlocks it to reveal a very small pistol. paul didnt know much about it except it had once belonged to Jay, his friend from Raleigh, north carolina.

Sarah watched, slightly incredulous, as he carefully gave it to her.

Paul: I cannot stress this enough. this is not a toy. keep it in your purse with your inhaler. look, here's the safety. keep it on at all times. I want you only to use this if *you* are in mortal danger. if we are all together and rick and shane and everybody are firing into a crowd of walkers, you keep it away. If you see somebody about to get killed and you are the only one there, you can take it out. if *you* are about to get killed and it's just me, take it out. if you are alone, or lost, take it out. you need this to protect you whenever there is nobody else to do so. needless to say, this is a secret. dont tell anybody. not even frank. I also want you to keep a few other things in your purse. bandages, aspirin, disinfectant, and iodine tablets. here is a switchblade as well. these things dont have to be secrets, but dont let anybody know about the purse. this is just for emergencies, if you find yourself lost or alone."

Sarah gingerly takes the gun from Paul's hands, and stows it in her purse in a small pocket that she never really bothered with. she and Paul spent the next hour or so going over the contents of what was from then on referred to as the emergency bag.

The next week passed quickly. Sarah played with carl or kept to herself. Paul found himself generally forgiven by almost all of the farm occupants, except for Frank and beth, who loathed him for cutting off Jimmy's leg. Jimmy spent most of his time in bed, though he and Paul became close friends, as Paul had inherited Jimmy's chores, and often needed advice. Patricia and Frank grew ever closer, and could often be seen deep in cliche couples conversation with Glenn and Maggie. Sarah's bag remained a secret, and it seemed like things were starting to, for the first time, settle down.

SIDE NOTE: I have nothing interesting for my characters to do until the climax, so I'll just use some dumb blanket explanations for why they dont do anything until then.

The day of Randall's release came and went, and the debate on what to do next ensued. Paul was on the side of killing Randall, And frank remained undecided. Dale's death was treated with numb acceptance that chaos was back by Paul, and general panic by just about everybody else. finally, the time came when randall escaped. rick, shane, Daryll, and Glenn marched into the woods, while the other survivors waited in the house. Paul sat with Sarah on the couch as the older survivors marched outside. then joined them, leaving Sarah inside as he went to see what was keeping them. upon seeing the horde, Paul rushed inside and helped Patricia and Frank to shut off the lights, then swiftly informed Sarah of the situation.

Paul: Sarah, keep your bag with you, but I dont think you'll need it. stick close to the adults. Stay here with Lori and Carl. dont leave their side for anything. keep your gun put away. They need me to help with the RV, so Im gonna go do that. Stay right here. If they decide to leave, stay here. I'll find you. I love you.

Sarah tried to speak, but her voice caught and she began to sob. she could only choke out a succinct "I love you" before Paul had turned away and ruched out the door, Rifle in hand. Paul drove around the farm with the others, finding little to do with his rifle, and instead crushing many walkers under his tires. eventually, Daryl pulled up next to him and signalled to open his window.

Daryl: The Barn's on fire. We're thinking it might have been rick and shane that lit it. Drive over and check.

Paul followed his orders and drove up to allow Rick and Carl down. when the door was knocked in, Paul ran to the back of the RV, and climbed out through a window in the bedroom. he landed on the ground right behind Rick and Carl.

Back at the house, the women had decided to make their evacuation. Frank, lori, Patricia, and Carol fled the house, not noticing that neither Sarah Nor beth were with them. Inside Sarah stood by Jimmy's bedside as Beth barricaded the door with a chair, leaving her, jimmy, and beth alone in the house.

As Frank, Lori, Patricia and Carol fled, Frank gave covering fire to any walkers that came to close, saving Patricia's life.

Paul, Rick and Carl wove through the crowd back to the house, only to find hershell firing away at the crowd. Paul went inside to find Sarah, saying he would need lead Jimmy out to his car and they would follow them. Rick, Hershell and Carl fled the Farm, and aside from the crackling of the barn fire, all was silent, andrea having slipped away without a car. Paul crept through the silent, darkened house, looking for his sister.

as he approached Jimmy's room, he heard muffled sobs.

Paul: Sarah? Sarah open the door! we need to get out!

from within the room, beth and Sarah begin to strip away the furniture blocking the door. after a while, they open the door and paul rushes in. he stoops down to talk to sarah.

Paul: They'll be in the house soon, we need to get out of here. Jimmy, can you move at all?

Jimmy: not really. there are crutches down-

he breaks off. the sound of walkers pounding on the front door stops them all.

Paul: I dont think we have time...

Beth: what do you mean?

Paul: jimmy, I'm sorry, I truly am, but we may need to leave you here.

Jimmy: wait, you can't do that! dont leave me here!

Beth: what the hell is wrong with you! we cant just leave him to die! there has to be another way!

Paul: there isnt! they'll be inside in a matter of seconds. we have to go!

Jimmy grows serious. all the fear drains from his voice.

Jimmy: Beth, he's right.

Beth: Jimmy no!

jimmy's voice begins to choke, he nods to Paul, who grabs beth and gently pulls her towards the door. she struggles, but not much, as she too has realized there is no other way. she is crying now, as is Sarah. Paul pulls her out of the room, she is screaming now, beggin to be allowed to stay, and struggling for real now.

Paul finally has had enough, he slaps her across the face: SHUT UP! we need to GET OUT! if we dont do this we will ALL die! Jimmy wants you to live. so live! we need to be quiet. the banging has stopped, that means they're in the house. I think I know what to do. follow me.

he leads them to maggies room, and as they pass the staircase they see the horde has gotten in, and a few walkers are climbing the staircase. Beth, Paul and Sarah are running now, through the rather cavernous house to Maggies room, which overlooks a lower roof level. once they make it to the room, Paul shuts the door, and locks it, then pushes a nearby chair against it. by now, Jimmy is screaming as the walkers find his open room. soon the door has pounding again, and paul wrenches open a window. beth, distressed by Jimmy's screams, begins to cry again. Paul hurries Sarah out onto the roof, and then goes back to beth. he has to push her to the window, but she calms herself as the screams stop, and climbs out after Sarah. the door is beginning to show signs of breaking, and Paul swiftly joins them on the roof. he slams the window shut and they look down to the ground, about ten feet below them.

Paul: I'll go first. then beth, you help sarah down, then jump down yourself. I wont use my gun till we're at the bottom, all of us.

Paul dangles from his hands, and drops into some bushes below the roof. Sarah, and then Beth follow suit, beth looking back to see walkers banging against the window. the house is theirs now. she jumps down into the bushes, and the three make their way to Pauls car, the last one remaining. they stay silent and avoid detection by the majority of the herd, who are concentrated in little mobs in the feilds, feasting on hershells cattle and horses. the barn smoulders silently, while mobs of walkers march towards the light it gives off. Paul takes out his key, and starts the car.

Paul: they'll be back on the highway, where they left food for sophia.

Beth: are you sure?

Paul: it's the only place we all know. Sarah, are you alright?

Sarah: I'm fine. we made it.

she looks down into her lap at this, thinking of jimmy. beth remembers and becomes sober. Paul drives the car off of the farm, into the night.

in the early morning, Paul reached the highway, only a few minutes afte everybody else. he, Sarah and Beth pile out of the car, and beth runs to embrace Hershell and Maggie. Sarah sticks close to paul as they weave through the cars to the group. Paul is startled to find himself, upon reaching the group, held in a tight embrace by Frank, who tearfully clutches Paul and Sarah in his arms, as patricia waits by his side.

the group begins their discussion on the highway, and rick reveals his secret about the true nature of the virus. the group becomes startled, except for Paul who interjects.

Paul: wait, you guys didnt know about this?

Glenn: *you* did?

Paul: well, yeah. Sarah, go to the car. I dont want you to hear about this. In the early days, we barricaded our house. it was us, our mom, and our brother sean. the first night after we lost power, our mother hung herslef from the ceiling fan. she wasnt bitten, but she turned anyway. our brother came to close the next time. he thought she was struggling, trying to get out. he got a bite on his hand. not much, but enough to break the skin. he was infected. there wasnt anything we could do. I locked him in his room, and we just waited. after he stopped moaning, then started again, we left. long story short, we thought it was common knowledge. sorry.

rick: well, In any case, we're al infected. we can't avoid it.

That night, around the campfire, Paul thinks back to his brother. what he could have really done. maybe he could have cut it off, like he did to jimmy. maybe he could have saved him. Paul, for the first time, begins to imagine whether he could actually do that to sarah. he imagines what Frank said. he had used a hammer. Paul wondered, was he really that strong a person? he had left both his mother and brother alone in that house, with nothing but a note to his father, which was only written at his sister's behest. Paul realized, if the time came, if there was ever a point where death would be better for his sister, he would'nt be able to do it. he came to realize how strong a person Frank was. he scooted a bit closer to frank, who was deep in muttered conversation with Patricia about rick.

Paul: I'm sorry frank. you were right, about Sarah. I dont think I could do it. but I will make myself. I dont think I could plan it, but I could do it in the moment. I could.

Frank: I know. make sure you do if the time ever comes. and make sure nobody realizes it.


gotta say, I didnt really like the first part of this one, too little dialogue. but to tell the truth, I had nothing for the characters to do for the episodes that focused on randall. I think it really picked up at the parts with escaping the farmhouse.

post your comments below, Im interested to see how many people actually read these.