Hey! doin these again, sorry if you dont give a crap, but you dont have to read em if you dont want to!

Last episode saw callie, morgan, and duane all leaving the group. Paul stayed back a bit in this one (im fixing his red-shirtedness in this episode), while frank and patricia's relationship developed a bit more. the episode left off as the search for hershell began to intensify, shortly after lori's dissappearance.

scene opens with group around dinner table. everyone begins to sit down, but then notices lori is gone. they discuss what to do and the general concensus is that Frank and Shane should go after her. Shane is loading up the car while Frank hangs back a bit, he is tentativly approached by Patricia.

Patricia: "are you sure you should go?"

Frank: "i thought we were waiting?"

Patricia: "dont be a smartass. I worry about you. your friend Paul seems to have the right idea, he doesent throw himself at any cause he sees."

Frank: "he doesent trust easy... he hit some bad stuff in the early days with this asshole marketing a cure. needless to say it was bullshit. i think he regrets not leaving with Callie, but I think he's staying because his sister likes it here. she used to be lonely before we joined up."

Patricia: "I like that you look after those two. even if Paul is too proud to accept it."

Frank: "he'll come along. I wanted to use this as a chance to talk to shane. anyway, it probably wont be long. less than an hour."

Patricia: "if i'm not mistaken, thats what rick said. and who knows where he is now. Be careful, don't have your name added to the list or people who've gone missing."

Shane: "hey lovebirds, time to go."

Frank piles into the car with Shane and they drive off. In the car, shane strikes up a conversation about their situation. Frank doesent say much, and then finally pipes up.

Frank: "did you kill otis?"

Shane: "what? no. i wouldnt do something like that."

Frank: "look, if you did, i wont act on it. I dont beleive you have ill intentions for this group, but you're lying, and i dont like it. I understand what we did was essential to save Carl, but I dont like all this lying, it isnt how i was raised. it's ugly."

Shane: *sigh* "look... I... I did what i had to. its not something i enjoyed and it isnt something im proud of. Please keep this between the two of us. Don't tell Patricia."

Frank: "i'm sorry, but thats not a promise I can keep. I'll ask her what otis would have wanted, and ask for her discretion, but I wont lie to her."

Shane: "if you're gonna keep that stance on the situation we may have a problem." he glares over at Frank from the driver's side. Frank fidgets and puts a hand on his knife in his belt, just in case. He then looks forward surprisedly and then points

Frank: "car wreck, up ahead."

Shane: "oh, shit..."

They slow and stop as they approach the wreck, and out of the darkness strides lori. Shane exits the car and walks up to her, and they talk for a bit. he glares rather agitaedly back at frank, who raises an eyebrow at this and glares back slightly. Shane and lori return to the car.

Lori: "thanks for picking me up. is rick worried?"

Shane looks over quickly at Frank and gives him a pleading look.

Frank: "... worried sick. he'll be glad to see you back..."

Shane turns the car around and the three head back. upon their arrival at the farm, Frank walks somewhat dazedly away from the group, to where patricia is waiting.

Frank: "he did it. He killed otis."

Patricia collapses weeping against Frank, and from a dozen or so feet behind them, in the main group, surrounded around lori and shane, Dale's head turns sharply at the noise.

The Next morning, upon Rick's return, with Glenn and Hershell, Paul is looking for something to do. He asks hershell if he has any chores needing done.

Hershell: "I need that shed over there cleared out for Randall. Thats where rick wants him, but its also where we keep out tools. Jimmy's already gotten started.

Paul: "Will do. where do you want the stuff?"

Hershell: "over by the stable is fine. Jimmy will show you. use the wheelbarrows."

Paul walks over to the shed, while nearby Carl and Sarah play with King. He and Jimmy start to move the stuff, and Paul lulls himself into a daze of sorts, every once in a while he looks up to see Carl and Sarah running through the fields, but eventually just lets them play. once the shed is empty, he looks up at Carl and Sarah and sees they are gone. Soon, he hears some gunshots, then some barking and a scream from the woods. All over the Farm, the survivors take notice, Paul grabs the tool he was carrying, an axe, and sprints towards the noise, closely followed by jimmy, as the other survivors rush to their weapons and follow, several hundred feet behind.

Paul and Jimmy weave through the forest, and make it there just in time to see two walkers tear into King, who struggles, whimpering, and howling, until he dies. A walker lays on the ground off in the woods, shot in the head. Nearby, in a tree, Carl and Sarah wait, Sarah crying, and on the verge of an asthma attack, while Carl struggles to clear a jam in his gun. Two more walkers keep them in the tree, but dont appear to be a threat. Paul immediately goes after them, followed by Jimmy, who carries a pitchfork from the shed.

the two walkers are disposed of, and the children climb down from the tree, Carl having cleared the jam in his gun. Paul embraces Sarah, who sobs, terrified, and then screams sharply as the two walkers leave the dog and move onto Jimmy. one is swiftly felled by Carl, who has regained use of his gun. the other one pushes Jimmy to the ground and begins to gnaw on his leg, near the foot. Paul reactu swiftly, killing the walker. then, as the other survivors rush into the clearing, they see a grizzly sight, Paul chopping off Jimmy's leg, eyes full of rage, as Jimmy screams on the ground.

Rick: "stop right there!" He aims his gun at Pauls chest, just as the axe severs Jimmy's leg. Dale and Hershell rush to Jimmy, and begin bandaging his severed leg.

Carl: "Dad stop! he was bitten! the leg had to come off!"

Paul: "Put the damn gun down, rick! He was bitten."

Meanwhile, Sarah walks up to Paul and stands by him, despite the fact that he is completely drenched in blood, his white shirt now stained red.

Dale, Hershell and T-dog pick jimmy up and carry him back to the farm, as patricia runs ahead to prepare the medical area.

Shane: "Gimme the axe. Now."

Paul surrendurs the axe, and Rick lowers his gun the rest of the survivors walk out of the woods, Rick and Shanes eyes never leaving Paul.

upon their return to the farm, Rick strides to Pauls bags, and swiftly retreives Pauls rifle, replacing it with a knife.

Rick: "until I say so, you are not to have any weapons beyond this knife. that was a stupid thing of you to do."

Paul says nothing, only accepts the knife and slides it into his belt. Paul begins to walk back into the house, to wait on jimmy, but is stopped by Maggie

Maggie: "uh uh, stay out. your dripping in blood, and none of it's yours. Besides, Jimmy might want you kept away, though personally, I have no problems with it."

Paul: "...thanks. Tell me how it goes, okay?"

Paul sits on the porch and waits, as other survivors go back to their buisiness, most stopping at the porch to either support him or spit on him. Eventually Paul grabs the wheelbarrow, and takes it back out into the woods, where he retreived Kings body, and, after some thought, Jimmy's foot. He takes them back to the graveyard and begins to dig two holes. Frank walks up to him as he digs.

Frank: "you allright? that was some crazy shit back there."

Paul: "I'm fine. except half the group, as i judge it, wants me gone. and meanwhile, I have to find a dignified way to bury a foot, without it seeming like some sadistic joke. then I have to go talk to sarah, and we can have our own private funeral for the dog only we ever really cared about."

Frank: "you dont have to be so independant."

Paul: "being interdependant means responsibility, which i have enough of already. besides, I belong to the subgroup, 'cute little orphan' so that means me and my sister wont be totally neglected, as long as these people are still good."

Frank: "Want some help?"

Paul: "no, i'm almost done anyway." he stays silent for a bit, as he finishes the hole. he pauses, then silently adds "I would have done it to Sarah too."

Frank: "what?"

Paul: "I would have cut her leg off too, if i needed to."

Frank: "you cant be serious."

Paul: "I am. I would have gone for the head if need be. if I couldnt save her."

Frank: "thats crazy, Paul. Tough talk wont get you anywhere."

Paul: "it isnt tough talk. The way I see it, My goal at this time is to keep her from suffering as much as possible. even if it means she doesent survive."

Frank: "Thats bullshit, and lemme warn you, if it wasnt, I'd have you gone within the hour, and Sarah wouldnt go with you."

Paul is suddenly angry. "What the fuck, Frank! you go on all day about how I dont need to be so independant, and then when I finally open up you do this? Did you ever have to look after and eight year old girl during the fucking APOCALYPSE? I love her more than anything, but theres a certain point where dead is better, and right now, she is too young to know that, and i certainly wont be breaking the news to her any time soon!"

Frank: "you dont fucking KNOW! YOU DONT KNOW AT ALL! I was in that reststop camp too! I was scammed just as much as you by that assfuck witch-docter, may he rot in hell. MORE even! I had a Family! My brother! My wife! My FUCKING DAUGHTER! SHE WAS A DAMN SIX YEAR OLD! THEY WAS JUST A SICK AS THAT FRIEND OF YOURS AND I HAD TO KILL THEM! WITH ONLY A FUCKING HAMMER! YOU SAY YOU WOULD DO THAT TO YOUR SISTER, BUT DO YOU REALLY KNOW HOW IT FEELS? IMAGINE WHAT I HAD TO DO!" he calms down a bit.. then the tears come. I thought it would be easier. I started with my brother, and then my wife. by the time I got to her, it was all that worse. the feel of bones crunching beneath my arm as I swung that hammer down on my little girl... I told her I would never hurt her... that I could protect her, but i couldnt. I never could. I bought into that stupid scam and It only got her killed."

Paul is still angry. he steps out of the hole, tips the wheelbarrow containing king and the foot into the hole, and begins to cover them up, as, not eight feet away, Frank sobs on the ground, shaken by the memories of his family.

an hour later, when it is apparent Jimmy will live, Rick rounds up Carl, Paul, and Sarah, and sits them down on the porch.

Rick: "what happened"

Carl: "we were playing with king, in the field, throwing a ball. I threw it too far, and it went into the woods, and started rolling down the hill. King followed it, and"

Sarah: "stop! stop lying!" she breaks out in tears.

Rick: "Carl. what happened." He puts a bit more force into his voice this time.

Carl: "sorry, sir. We were playing, and Jimmy and Paul were clearing the shed. suddenly, king started whimpering. Sarah said he does that when walkers are near, and then I had an idea. I... I wanted to impress her, so I led her into the woods, and king followed us. We found the walker, at least we thought it was the only one, and I shot it. Then, the other four walked out of the woods, and tried to get us. I um.. tried to kill the others, and kept missing. then my gun jammed, and we had to go into the tree. King... um.. tried to run away, but they got him." he starts to sob a little "Sarah screamed, and then Paul and jimmy ran out of the woods."

Paul: "I um.. I can take it from here." he recounts the rest of the story. when he gets to the part about jimmy, Sarah's sobbing gets more frantic, until she is in an asthma attack. Paul swiftly opens the purse she kept with her, and found her inhaler. he tried to use it on her to no avail. the cartrage is empty. He looks in the purse for another, but find none, he orders the others to clear away from her, and she comes down from the attack.

Paul: "why didnt you say you were out? what if one happened and i wasnt there? we could have gotten more! maybe hershell even has some!"

Sarah: "i'm sorry... I was afraid you'd be mad at me."

Paul: "this is something we have to deal with, as soon as we can."

Rick: "how much risk is there?"

Paul: "not much, to be fair. she gets an attack if she gets too excited or scared. can we head back to the pharmacy some time? I know they'll stock them there."

Rick: "you know I cant do that. last trip to town me, glenn and hershell almost died. we dont need to right now. she'll be fine."

Paul glares at rick, then continues his story.

at the end rick rounds on Carl. "that tears it. you did exactly the wrong thing. and whats more, you lied about it. You treated your gun like a toy, so like any toy, I can take it away. Give it here. now."

Carl surrenders the gun without complaint. clearly ashamed at what he caused.

Rick: "go inside and talk to your mother. I cant deal with you right now."

Paul: "sarah, go inside. theyre eating soon."

Rick: "I assume this is an appeal on your rifle?"

Paul: "yes it is. I'm not a child, dont treat me like one. I need a weapon. If I had had my rifle that whole thing could have gone much differently.'

Rick:"fine... i'll give it back tomorrow. for now, i need to go talk to Lori about this." he turns to leave, "oh, and by the way, Jimmy's awake. he convinced hershell to let you stay, although that just might be delirium talking. If it were me I wouldnt have let you stay."

Paul: "good to know i have so many fair weather friends here."


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