Welcome back! i've recently changed my mind, and decided i will wait till season three to continue after season 2 is done. As always, I usually come back to updatethese at my convenience, so if it doesnt expressly tell you the episode is over, it probably isnt over.

Scene opens with camera panning in back on survivors. Beth runs over to her mother's corpse and all the adults rescue her, with the exception of Callie, who is still with her husband, and Morgan, who holds duane back and sheilds his eyes. Once this is done, Andrea strides over to Callie. She isnt crying any more, just string into her husbands eyes. her pistol is still jammed. As Andrea approaches Callie, she stiffens, fearing she is about to shoot Anders to prevent him from reanimation. instead, she takes a knee and offers Callie her pistol. Gingerly, Callie accepts.

Andrea: "you don't have to do it yet. would you like to talk about him?"

Callie nods, silently. never breaking eye contact with her husband, his dead face staring into the sun.

Andrea: "tell me about him. how did you meet?"

Callie: "through work. He came in with a busted leg about 4 years ago. He had gotten hurt after he fell down the stairs in his arcitecture firm in Richmond. I asked him how he was injured and he just laughed." She smiles, filled with happy memories of her husband. "he had fallen after two employees, who were in fact, in an office relationship, spilled lubricant on the stairs in the stairwell. there was a fire drill in his building, and he fell down a flight of stairs to land right on top of the two. he never asked them why they were in the stairwell, of all places, but then again, he never really wanted to know."

Andrea smile, then gestures to the others to begin clearing things up. thr group erupts into activity as the survivors begin to clear up the bodies. Morgan, disgusted by the incident, takes duane and Sarah back to the camp.

Andrea: "tell me more about him."

Callie spends the next two hours relating happy memories of her husband, then finds she is ready. A single gunshot echoes across the farm.

Now that Callie has done what needs to be done, she returns the pistol to andrea and clears the jam in her own. she stands up, full of purpose, and marches directly to shane. Andrea hangs back, full of wonder at the mental processes of those in greiving. She then goes and begins to assist the others in clearing the farm of corpses.

Callie strides across the farm to the graveyard, which until then had only held Otis, and a dog the greenes had owned a few years back. It is there she finds shane, just finishing the last of four graves. Shane looks up, and sees callie striding towards him, fire in her eyes.

Shane: "Callie I-"

Callie stops him with a strong slap to the face.

Callie: "you need to reassess the way you live your life, or else soon you will be dead because of it. that is all I have to say to you. tell the others i've left the farm. they won't be seeing me again."

She spits at his feet and begins her march back to camp, not stopping to say anything to anybody she meets on the way. once she reaches the camp, she finds Paul and Frank in debate with Morgan.

Paul: "I don't know why you would even consider something like that! one of the most basic rules of survival is safety in numbers! if you really care about your son you will stay here!"

Morgan slaps paul across the face. "dont you ever insinuate that i don't care about my son. I'm leaving because of him. as a small group, we stayed unnoticed, but here, in the space of a week, we've lost three people. three! soon this group will be as small as we were before we joined them. With just me and Duane, we stand a better chance! Just think, is it easier, proportionately, to crush a bouler or a pebble? Duane may not have other kids with him, but at least he'll survive!"

Callie: "what's going on? are you leaving, Morgan?"

Morgan: "yes, I think so. Me and Duane are going back to where we were before. We had it good there, the town was a good place. I doubt there was anybody living there aside from the two of us, and the scavenging was easy. I just think this world is too dangerous for my boy to live in."

Callie: "I actually came for my things. I'm leaving too."

Paul and morgan seem shocked at her outward positivity.

Callie: "i've decided to go it on my own. I think i'll do better that way. I cant stay here while that bastard stays. I don't care how anybody else sees it, but I see it as the dicisions of others killing my husband. Hershell filled the barn, and shane let the walkers out. People try to survive their own ways and the only people to get hurt are those close to them. physically I mean. I have nobody left, so now i'm leaving. I felt like I should say something to you guys at least. we made it through this together, all of us, and if I had to take any of you with me, it would be you guys. I think I'm gonna travel. see what's left of the world, maybe out west. You in morgan?"

Morgan: "no, sorry Callie. We're going to the house we used to live in. It only holds two, so i'm sorry to say there is no invitation extended. We're leaving in a few hours. I'm just letting Duane play with the other kids for a bit, and then we'll say out goodbyes."

He quickly goes into his tent and takes out some stick notes, upon which he quickly scrawls an adress and town. He gives a paper to callie and Frank.

Morgan: "here's where we're staying. Maybe come visit some time? If you're ever in the neighborhood."

Frank: "we'll do that. good luck to you and your son morgan. and you too Callie. Paul, with these two making their own arrangements, I have to ask, what do you intend to do from here?"

Paul: "Me and Sarah are gonna stick it out with these guys. you'll be following us as usual, i suppose? and that new flame of yours helps quite a bit."

Frank: "I'll be staying too, yes, and keep quiet about that. I don't even know how you found out! she's still in mourning, so I don't feel right giving it a name yet. She may just be confused."

Paul: "allright, whatever. I'll keep my trap shut. It's been good traveling with you guys, but i guess we're going our seperate ways now. I hope to see you all again, some day."

Callie: "i hope so too. I feel like this is a new beginning for me. By the way, I need to take the car you've been using. I'm sorry. It DID use to belong to Anders, anyway."

Paul: "it's allright. I can jus go out and grab another one if i need it. Not exactly a huge investment of my hard-earned money, is it?"

Callie: "that it is not. I'll be going now. Goodbye. Give that bastard hell for me, will you?"

Paul notices Frank frowns at this statement. He resolves to ask him later.

Frank: "goodbye Callie. You won't be staying for the funeral?"

Callie: "nope! I've got anders right here with me. Always."

Frank: "callie, why are you so happy? youve just lost something very precious to you."

Callie: "I just am. I am being given a fresh start, to survive as I see fit."

She grabs her bag from her tent and leaves, not even bothering to bring the tent with her.

Morgan: "I guess you cant do an upbeat exit correctly if you stop to shove a tent into a tiny bag. I think I'm gonna go collect duane now. We'll be leaving soon. after the funeral."

Frank: "come on, boy. they'll need our help burning the bodies."

Later, after the funural, Morgan and Duane leave. Duane can be seen staring out the back windo until the car makes a turn and goes out of view.

as Paul and Sarah are walking back to the tents, Sarah looks up at Paul and asks: "are we safe here?"

Paul: "as safe as we can be for now. why? are you concerned?"

Sarah: "A little. We've lost so many people recently. I was looking forward to meeting Sophia."

Seeing how uncannilly similar the two looked, Paul brings his sister closer and tousles her hair. Paul: "Maybe Carol would like some company. I saw she wasnt at the funeral."

Sarah: "that seems like a good idea." she sees Dale walking by "Hey, Dale! have you seen Carol?"

Dale: "over in the RV. Are you kids sure it's a good idea to be bothering her? she may want to be alone."

Paul pulls Dale aside: "I'm a bit worried about her. Glenn told me about her husband. It's just all crashing down on her right now, and she might want somebody to talk to."

Dale: "if you insist. I'll see you two at dinner."

Paul and Sarah walk over to the RV and catch Carol just as she's leaving.

Paul: "hey Carol. How are you holding up?"

Carol: "I dont really want to talk about it." She looks at Sarah "here, take this. It was sophias." she hands her the doll.

Sarah looks at the doll for a bit, then hugs it to her chest. "thank you carol. Me and Paul just want to let you know that we're here for you. and so it everyone else. It can always get better carol. always remember that."

Paul leads sarah back to the farmhouse, and leaves her with Lori to watch.

Rick strides up to him across the porch: "hey, where's Callie? I havent seen her."

Paul: "She left. Said she thought she could make it better on her own. Didnt Morgan tell you?"

Rick: "Shit! no... no he didnt tell me. Beth's just collapsed in the kitchen. we think she may be sick with something. we cant find hershell anywhere, on top of it. This is bad."

Paul: "maybe he left too. Don't know why he would leave his daughters behind. maybe he left a note or something. he seemed prettu distraught about the whole incident with the barn."

Rick left Paul, and he realised he had nothing to do. He resolved to help the others find hershell. He went to where the cars were all parked and confirmed that there were three gone. Hershell had left. He raced back to the house and caught Rick and glenn on their way out

Rick: "we're going after hershell. we think he went out drinking."

Paul: "really? how long you think you'll be gone?"

Rick: "an hour, at the most. Town isnt too bad. not in a rural place like this."

Paul: "allright then. I'll see you when you get back."

Rick: "that you will."

Meanwhile, Frank is visiting with Patricia.

Frank: "Patricia, I think we should talk about what happened earlier."

Patricia: "I think we should too. I need time to greive for my husband. To let him go. I'm sorry, but whenever i see you I remember him, and how it's only been a few days. I'm not ready yet."

Frank: "that's good. Thank you. I felt guilty ealier. It isnt good to be rushing off to some new relationship like we were. your husband is barely cold in his grave. Come back when you think you're ready. I can wait as long as you need."