Begin episode 3! episode 2 can be found here:,_Episode_2

As before, if an episode looks unfinished, that is because it is and i will come back to finsh it later.

the ending is anticlimactic again, but i don't really feel like staying up any later to finish it properly. episode 4 will end more interestingly, i think. so stay on your toes!

Open to Paul and Hershell sitting on the porch steps, waiting. they are soon joined by the others. Paul and Frank wait on the porch with Shane, Otis, and Maggie while chaos ensues inside.

Shane: "what were you people thinking? can't you shoot straight?"

Otis: "you have no idea how sorry i am. anything i can do to make it right, i'll do, and i'll do it smiling."

Shane: "you'd better, or you'll have that greiving father to answer to."

Otis: "don't i know it."

Frank: "i'm pretty sure i heard Callie say she was a nurse before all this once. we should go and get the others. By the way, you wouldnt happen to be rick, would you?"

Shane: "Rick's inside, with Carl. I'm shane."

Paul: "well, we have at least a little good news for you." they are joined by a shaken rick "We met a man and his son, by the names of Morgan and Duane. we've been on your trail for a while now, glad to see we've finally caught up."

Rick: "Morgan is with you? he and Duane are all right?"

Paul: "indeed they are. we caught your last broadcast as you left atlanta and have been trying to catch up since. we'd have caught you before you even left the city if we were more curious. we heard the CDC blowing up. i assue that was you too? we were only a couple miles away."

Rick: "it was. did you people make it through the herd okay? it was going down the highway, but we made it through pretty well, I think."

Frank: "we got chased off the road down a bypass by it. took us an entire day to circle around back onto the highway. we figured out that you people are camped somewhere back up the highway from us. we actually made it farther than you!'

Maggie: "Maybe we should go find them. is there anyone you want to contact either, rick? we have horses, i could go meet up with them if you want. bring back your wife."

Rick: "if you could that would be great. and maybe you two could bring your people over here too. it seems likea good place for us to meet." he stops for aminute, then frowns. "look at me, my son is in there bleeding to death and here i am making small talk. go get my wife, please, she needs to be with carl if things... don't go right."

Paul: "how many horses exactly? i could go meet up with our other people on another and bring them back here. is there any way i could take some gas with me? we are just about out of the stuff."

Maggie: "sorry, no. we need every drop for the generator. we need to keep it on for medical equipment and the like."

Shane: "we should have some extra feul at our camp. why dont you swing by there and fill up before coming back here. just go back up the road towards atlanta, i guess."

Maggie: "we have 6 horses, theyre over in the stables. i'll show you and then we can go. you know your way back to the highway from here?"

Paul: "i think so. our destinations are probably a couple miles apart."

Frank stays behind at the farm while maggie and Paul go to the atlanta group and Paul's group, respectively, to bring them back to the farm.

Paul rides through the woods, and sees a creek. despite the news about the little boy he is having a good day. in the past week, the number of people he knows has gone from four to god knows how many. he is regaining hope for the future. he smiles when he thinks how his sister will react to seeing a real horse. oneof the fears she had been going through recently was that there were no animals left. he was excited to prove hr wrong.

Suddenly he stops. down, in the stone creek bed, is a little rag doll. Grimacing at how it must have gotten there, Paul climbs down to retreive it, hastily climbing back up, doll in hand, when he sees tw walkers stranded in the canyon like creek.

When paul returns to the bypass camp, Sarah and the others are overjoyed at the news. and they begin the short drive down the road to find the others, Sarah gleefully riding behind Paul on the horse, doll clutched to her chest.

Sarah: "i'm excited to meet new people, paul. I always hated how few of us there were. i could only really talk to you and frank. maybe they have other kids! duane is great, but hide and seek doesent work with two people in a small building or on a highway."

Paul: "i'm glad that you're having a good time, but remember, these people might not be in the highest of spirits, that little boy being in danger at the moment."

Soon they reach the camp and Sarah excitedly dismounts, running through the camp, grinning. she is quickly greeted by cries of "oh my god!" and "Sophia!", and finally, "My baby!"

Paul, alarmed by these reactions, rushes behind an RV to see his sister being awkwardly hugged by a woman in her mid fourties, with a few other people crowding around, some already realising their mistake and turning to meet the visitors.

Daryl: "Carol... Carol... That isnt Sophia."

Carol: "What, of course it is..." she takes a closer look "oh god...." she rushes off into the RV, sobbing.

Sarah starts to feel bad, and begins to cry. Paul rushes to comfort her, and enquires about the situation to the other people who lived there.

Dale: "I'm sorry about that, that was Carol. about three days ago we lost a little girl on this highway when a herd caught us unawares. she's still lost out in the woods. Carol is her mother."

Daryl: "and that doll your little girl there is holding is Sophias. she had it when she got lost. they look a bit alike, so the mistake was easy to make for somebody who is hoping against hope for a little girl like that."

Paul: "oh god, I feel awful... are you guys still looking?"

Andrea: "of course we are. we cant give up until we find her. she's only twelve."

Daryl: "now that we're on the subject of searches, where did you find that doll shes holding?"

Paul: "in a creek, a few miles from here. but you guys probably know, we have a situation here with that little boy, carl. I assume you guys already met up with Maggie?"

Andrea: "of course we did. we were about to send some people over there to offer our help."

Anders: "good, because so were we. do you plan on staying here, or going to this farm of theirs. our group is ready to move on so we'll keep going to the farm."

Dale: "we were just about to send Glenn and T-Dog over there. T-dog needs antibiotics fast,, or he's done."

Daryl: "antibiotics? why didnt you say so, old man?"

Daryl fetches merles drugs and gives T-dog the painkillers and antibiotics.

Callie: " So who's going. we can send two people ahead on the horse. i suggest it be me and T-dog. I was a nurse before all this, and T-dog needs medical care. Anders, Paul, Sarah, Morgan, Duane and whoever you send can drivie around, if we could borrow some gas to get us that far."

Glenn: "just me. sounds like a plan, though. lets get to it."

Paul: "wait a minute, where's sarah?"

A quick search finds sarah in the RV, comforting Carol about sophia. Loathe to intrude on this touching moment, Paul waits at the door until Sarah returns, having given the doll to carol, who hugs it close to her.

as they are leaving, Carol pipes up: "you watch after that little girl you have there. there are worse things in this world than death."

Paul: "i'll keep that in mind."

The group starts back to the farm, but meanwhile, as night falls, at the farm, an expidition is being planned.

Hershell is giving his speech about the respirator, and shane and otis have volunteered, when frank offers to go too.

Hershell: "are you sure? it will be dangerous."

Frank: "i'm sure. if that boy didnt make it because i just sat here twiddling my thumbs i dont know what i'd do. I feel like i have to go."

Shane: "allright then, the more the merrier! Lets go!"

on the car ride to the high school, Frank opens his backpack and pulls out his pistol and a few decoys.

Frank: "think smarter, not harder, Paul always says. here, take these, and some duct tape. they work as decoys, really help you out of a jam."

Shane: "great idea! these'll draw em away if we need to make a quick getaway."

Frank: "that's the idea. take one each. i've only got three."

soon they are at the school, and see the horde contained behind it's fences.

Shane: "good thing you came along, or we'd be screwed for sure. he quickly sets up his decoy and throws it off into the crowd, leaving the medical trailer free to be accessed."

Frank: "it's easy to assume things could get pretty bad in there. i'll get the car set up so we can get out of here fast."

Shane: "the low-risk job, sure."

Frank: "hey, it aint like that. That boy Paul and his little sister, it don't matter what he'll tell you but I consider them as my own. and i mean to make it back to them."

Shane: "whatever you say, man. just make sure we dont need to save YOU instead of YOU saving US."

Frank: "dont worry. i still have my decoy, and that car of yours is pretty silent. with headlights turned off i'll be fine."

Otis: "hey guys, we gotta go. i'm surprised the air horn as kept going for this long."

Frank: "actually, yeah, that's kind of amazing. but just go! i'll see you guys soon."

the scene from then goes pretty much the same as it did in the show, except otis loses his decoy in the school, leaving only frank with one. it progresses to when otis and shane are running from the horde, frank is trying to get to them, but the herd is too thick to drive through. he can hear their gunshots getting closer, so he thros his decoy off past them, hoping to draw away some of the walkers.

the herd steadily clears away, until it is thin enough for frank to see through to shane and otis struggling for the backpack, otis on the ground, right after a gunshot.

Frank beeps the horn a few times, as the herd is closing in on the two, shane, with one sharp tug, detatches himself from otis, and sprints through the thickening horde to the car, otis's screams drowing out the moans. his words still audible "BASTARD, BASTARD!!!" as he is devoured by the living dead.

Shane: "drive, frank, drive! they'll be on us again, soon!"

Frank: "what happened back there? it looks like you two were fighting!"

shanes momentary grin of triumph fades and he stutters a bit: "oh, that? well... we were, a walker had gotten him, on his leg."

Frank: "and you didnt have the decency to shoot him in the head?"

Shane: "i knew he wouldnt make it even if we both made it back, and i needed the bag just in case. It's actually a bit better this way. they wouldve gotten us both if otis hadnt stayed, we were both out, and my lege wouldnt carry me much farther than his wouldve."

Frank: "well, i guess... i dont like it though. think about the sacrifice this bag cost us... it had better pay off with carl."

Shane: "it was his mistake. if anybody had to die to correct it, i'd rather it be him than me."

Meanwhile, back at the farm, the others are just arriving. they offer their condolences to the worried grimes family, and callie offers her assistance as a nurse.

Hershell: "are you sure you are up to this operation?"

Callie: "yes, i worked in the oporating room all the time, and, as an added bonus, i worked on humans, too!"

Patricia: "how can you even joke about that, that little boy is in there dying!"

Morgan: "shhhh! dont say that! Carl will be fine. i'm sure of it."

Duane: "daddy, can we go in and see rick now?"

Morgan: "not right now, son. lets leave rick alone until he wants to see us. his son is very injured right now."

Shane and frank return, and give the bag to hershell. Frank is still very shaken. Hershell decides that with callie, they can tell patricia now what happened with otis. she runs upstairs, crying. Frank stays outside.

Frank: "it's maggie, right? is it OK if i smoke out back? i'm still really stressed out from that whole thing at the school."

Maggie: "what? *sob* yeah, sure. just put it out when you're done. we're in a droubt right now, and we dont want any *sob* fires"

Frank: "thanks, uh, sorry to bother you. i'll let you greive."

Maggie goes inside, crying. the others, with the exception of glenn, who follows her, stay outside and talk, while inside, the operation is underway. The following scene shows Callie being a huge asset during the surgury, saving carl alot of pain and ensuring a quick recovery.

Hershell: "now we just need to sew up the incision and we're good. you did a fantastic job, callie. because of you, the boy may just make it."

Callie: "it was quite something. touch and go for a while there."

Hershell: "indeed."

Rick and Lori enter the room, and apon seeing Callies grin sigh with releif. they join their son on the bed and celebrate his health.

Hershell: "we'll leave you know."

Callie: "yes. the boy will be fine, except for maybe some scarring. though when you're ready, there is a man outside to see you. Morgan."

Rick doesnt seem to notice this, absorbed as he is in his son's regained health.

ten minutes later Rick emerges from the guest bedroom. Lori is still lying on the bed with her son.

Rick: "so i keep hearing somebody's here to see me?"

Morgan: "right here. good to see you again."

Rick: "I must say this is a surprise. I thought you had stayed in King County?"

Morgan: "no, we followed you. those walkie talkies of yours are crap, by the way. we'dve been able to contact you ourselves except the one you gave us only took messages. it couldnt send 'em out. we made it to the CDC the morning just after it exploded, and we met these kind folks. *he gestures to Paul's group* we've been trying to catch up to you guys ever since."

Rick: "quite a story. but i think I can top it, though now is not the time. Did you see-"

Anders interjects: "a little girl? no. we havent found her. we did find her doll though. if she's gone furthur up the highway we'd have seen her too, so we have ourselves a bit of a net. she is somewhere in those woods it's gonna be near the creek, an within the angle made by this farm, and our camp, from your camp. should be pretty easy to find her now."

Rick: "...yeah. we'll keep looking."

Paul: "for now, we need a place to sleep. I don't know about you people, but I havent had a moment to catch my breath all day. Maggie, can we camp over in the barn? i don't fancy spending another night on the interstate."

Maggie: "sorry, the barn won't work. it's full of rats. you don't want to be going in there."

Paul: "alright. how about under those trees over there? seems pretty sheltered."

Maggie: "that one will work fine. come on. i'll help you folks set up. we have firewood against the shed near the chicken coop."

That night, Paul's group, and also glenn and t-dog, spend the night under the trees. after setting up his tent, frank calls out to Anders.

Anders: "what is it, Frank? trying to sleep."

Frank: "this isnt funny, it's serious. *he drops his voice to a volume that is barely audible* today, at the school, when we were looking for the respirator, something happened with those two men i went with, shane and Otis."

Anders: "what?"

Frank: "I was their getaway driver. i was to drive up through the horde to pick them up if things got hairy. I was almost to them when the herd surrounded me. i opened the roof and threw out my decoy, and the crowd graduallly began to thin. it took a while, but when the crowd got thin enough to see through, i heard a gunshot, right after the words "i'm sorry". I looked over and saw Shane and Otis writhing around on the ground, struggling for the bag. shane got the bag, obviously, but as he walked away, otis was screaming "bastard, bastard" at him. soon the herd closed in and ripped him apart. you get what i'm implying?"

Anders: "yeah, but it seems like a bit of a jump to accuse a man of that. what did he say happened?"

Frank: "when shane got back to the car, se started going on about how otis had been bitten, and how he needed to leave him behind. and how he was out of ammo, so he couldnt have made it easier for otis to die painlessly. After that display by otis I dont know that i beleive him."

Anders: "yeah, but as i said before, who knows. it could be exactly like shane says it. we have no way of knowing anything else about the situation or about shane. we shouldnt go around spreading this roumor. it could be pretty harmful in the long run if it goes around the entire camp befor anybody says anything. let's just forget it now. it probably isnt true."

Frank: "I know, but i just cant shake the thought of it. it's freaking me out."

The next morning, the search for sophia begins in earnest. of the atlanta group, only daryl is fit to search, and paul offers to show him where the doll was. Frank is still shaken from the supply run at the school, but groups up with anders and Morgan to go search the highway again. Before leaving, however, there is the matter of otis's funeral.

Throughout the service, Frank nervously glances between the survivors and shane, speaking little when he is asked, and noting in his head the diiferent story offered by shane in regards to Otis's death. this behavior is noticed little by the atlanta survivors, with the exception of shane and Dale, and is almost ignored by the farm survivors, with the exception of Patricia, who picks up on Frank's nervous behavior, greiving though she is.

later, the search is about to begin, except for one more obstacle.

Daryl: "hey, kid, you comin' or what?"

Paul: "yeah, just a sec'. I wanna bring King along with us. he can smell a walker a mile away, so we'll know if we're in any trouble."

Anders: "I think i saw him over by that well over there." *he gestures to a nearby well, around which T-dog and Dale can be seen, looking into it worriedly*

Paul: "i'll go fetch him."

  • he walks over to the well*

Paul: "hey, guys, you seen my dog around here?"

Dale: "right there, he was sniffing at the well and whining, and it turns out there was a walker in it. pretty much saved t-dog's life. he was gonna take a drink of the stuff, but who knows if it's safe to drink with that thing in there."

Paul: "yeah, he's great like that. should i get the others? can't leave it in there."

T-dog: "sounds like a plan. theyre over by the camp, still having breakfast, i guess."

When the others are fetched, they begin the process of removing the well walker, who is severely bloated and, as in the show, is ripped apart before being pulled out.

Frank: "oh, god, i can't take any more of this..." *he vomits on the ground*

Shane: " whats with you? not something you havent seen before, surely."

Frank: "yeah, i know. I've actually never really gotten down to the hardcore killing parts of the apocalypse. never seen a man ripped apart like that except for Otis, last night. that's what i keep thinking of, and it just makes me sick."

Morgan: "you still allright to go out today?"

Frank: "I don't know. i guess there will be more walkers, right? I hate saying this, but i think I'll do better as a bench warmer for a while, at least until i get over this whole Otis thing. you guys go on without me."

Anders: "whataver you say, old man. we have enough to do a trip to the highway anyway."

Maggie: "Maybe you could take something for your stomach. we have some pills in the house. you could ask patricia for them."

Frank: "you sure she's alright to talk to right now? we did just go to her husband's funeral."

Andrea: "i'm sure it's fine. many people actually appreciate company when they're greiving. she'll like having somebody to talk to. After I lost Amy, I felt completely lost, and though dale was a huge pain, he did help me get back on track by constantly bothering me."

Frank: "well, i guess it couldnt hurt to settle my stomach a bit. I'll see you guys later, happy hunting."